Workplace Injuries and How to Prevent Them

The workplace is where the workers spend a long time of their day;therefore, workplace injury is not uncommon. The injuries incurred in a work place may be mild to severe, and some injuries don’t tend to show the effect immediately and take some time exhibiting. 

Having said that it’s not unavoidable, careful evaluation of the work setting and proper maintenance and care these types of injuries can be avoided therefore enabling the workers to work safely. The health and wellbeing of the work are very important in order to have work running smoothly.

Slips and Falls 

The main types of work-related injuries include over exertion and repetitive actions, these fall under the non-impact injury and slips, falls and mishaps due to non-proper handling of equipment or faulty equipment.

The company has a responsibility in taking care of the injured person by getting the required medical attention and PIAWE.

These are of the most common types of accidents seen in the workplace these may be due toa wet floor, loose rugs, icy floor. Injuries sustained due to slips and falls may not be serious leading to having a sprain or twisting of the ankle but in some cases there may be severe consequences, with head impact leading to bleeding within the head and if the fall is down the staircase it can severely damage the limbs and the back in worst leading to paralysis, which is why something preventable like this should not be overlooked.

The steps that can be taken are wiping wet floors promptly and putting up signage in areas in the workplace being cleaned to avoid people going in there, arranging the office space properly so that there are no obstacles in walking around, and if there are loose rugs replace them with something that has a proper grip, another reason for trips and falls is poor lighting so make sure to get that replaced so people have the ability to watch where they are walking if there are unkempt wire tie them up and put it in such a way that Is not lying around the floor.

Over Exertion injury 

This happens when the body is engaged in a motion like pushing, pulling and lifting, injuries are seen with these kinds of motions are muscle sprain, tear in tendon or ligaments. These types of injuries can be avoided with proper stretching and warming up of muscle, bending the knee when lifting the object and keeping the object as close to the body. If its heavy asking for a colleague for help.

Repetitive injury 

This refers to the damage to muscle, nerves or tendons due to repeated activities like typing, using the mouse, this mostly affects wrists, elbows, hand, forearm, neck and shoulder, so the injuries can be rotator cuff injury, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome. these conditions can be really painful. Some measures that can be taken to avoid this kind of injury is to practice good posture and sit comfortably and to take frequent breaks while working.

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