What You Need to Know About Living in Knoxville

The decision to move your family to another town or city is a big one, but sometimes the place you choose embodies so many wonderful aspects, that the stress of the decision evaporates. Knoxville, Tennessee is such a place, offering a downright extraordinary expanse of educational, employment, community, eating, and celebration opportunities, the likes of which will have you zoning in your house search specifically onto Knoxville Real Estate.

  1. People

Southern hospitality is real! One of the reasons Knoxville has been listed in numerous places as one of the greatest places to live in America is because of the unique level of kindness of the people and the openness of the community at large. The shared experiences develop over time, bonding people together with a sense of regional pride that makes a town feel like family. Currently, young adults, young professionals, and young families are all flocking to the city to set down roots. 

  1. Food

Dining options in Knoxville are endless, whether you are a fan of BBQ, seafood, European, or straight up wholesome Americana cuisine, there is something for you to enjoy in this well-fed city. The food is so good and plentiful that you shouldn’t be surprised if you pack on a few pounds in the months or years after you move here… it’s known as the “Tennessee Twenty-Five!”

  1. Music

No matter what part of Knoxville you’re wandering through, if it’s evening or nighttime, there is going to be live music playing somewhere. Tennessee is commonly associated with the country music genre, but there are also significant rock, jazz, and blues bands in the region. Due to the deep cultural appreciation of music, shows are often free. Knoxville is also the home to many music festivals throughout the year. 

  1. Nature

Knoxville is in the Great Appalachian Valley, about halfway between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau. While downtown Knoxville looks like many other metropolitan areas in the United States, the region also has lakes, greenway trails, enormous parks, caverns, and more. If you’re looking to raise an environmentally-conscious kid, Knoxville could be the place for you. 

  1. History

Knoxville was nicknamed “The Marble City” in the early 20th century due to its prominence as a distributor of marble. The city is part of a plethora of American historical facts, like being the first streets on which electric cars drove in 1890, and being the host of the World’s Fair in 1983, which was a year of mind-boggling record attendance. It’s also a significant city in Civil War History, as any history buff will know.

  1. Liveability

Knoxville is not only considered one of the safest cities to live in, but is also considered a wonderful place to raise a young family, due ample economic opportunities for parents, decent schooling options, and healthy natural landscape. Any parent that’s concerned for both the educational experience and the social well-being of their child would be making a good choice moving to this region.

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