Wearing A Leather Jacket Without Looking Like A Biker

There’s something about a leather jacket that no one can resist. Whether we accept it or not, secretly we all wish we had that one leather jacket that would make us look cool and hip. We are always on the lookout for a jacket that we can create an entire outfit for and wear it to different events. 

The only thing that comes in the way is the perception that we and everyone have about leather jackets. Talk to anyone about a leather jacket and the first thing that will come up is a biker reference. People think that anyone who wants to wear a leather jacket wants to join a biker gang. And we have to say, movies and television dramas haven’t done leather jacket lovers any favours. They have promoted the entire biker leather jacket look and now it is an image etched in our minds forever.

The good thing is that unlike what everyone believes, there are a ton of options for you. You can choose from a wide variety of leather jackets and rock them without looking like someone that came out of a Sons of Anarchy episode (although we do like Sons of Anarchy). You could choose a bomber jacket, an aviator jacket, a field coat, a long leather jacket, or more. Each of these types is unique and you will have to create entire outfits that match the jacket to make it work. But it is doable. 

This doesn’t mean that you cannot go for a biker look. If that’s what you want then that’s what you should get. But if you are on the lookout for alternate looks then here’s what you can do.


This is true even if you do look like a biker. But if you don’t want to look like one, this one is of the utmost importance. Make sure that you keep your leather jacket in pristine condition. This will automatically create a difference between the rugged, grungy, biker look and what you are going for. Remember, the more you look after your jacket, the more it will look after you.

Don’t go for the holes in the jacket, ripped look unless you want to. This look is for the rebels, punks, and bikers. Not you. Also, there’s no point in taking a great leather jacket and damaging it intentionally to create a look. 

Make sure that you put moisturizer on your jacket to keep it looking soft and smooth. This will ensure that the jacket doesn’t crack easily. It might not be a big point in your book, but let us assure you that even small things like this can make a huge difference in the overall picture.


One of the things that we think is very cool is putting patches on your jacket. There’s no denying the fact that patches really do look cool, but if you are not going for a biker look then patches are NOT going to work for you. They will make you look like the rebel, punk that you are avoiding. Patches are almost always associated with the alternate scene. Just look at a biker or a punk and you’ll see that they’ve got patches all over their leather. They could be small ones sewn in or big ones that take up the entire back.

Bottom line: Stay away from patches. You could have one or two small ones if you want but that’s it. Don’t go overboard.


This is one of the most important points and we cannot stress it enough. If you take a look at bikers, you will notice that they almost always have big bushy beards, a host of tattoos all over their bodies, and a rugged overall look. Now there’s nothing wrong with that look and it works really great for some people. But if you are trying to avoid the whole biker image, you have to make sure you are as far away from these things as possible. Make sure that you have a clean appearance. That doesn’t mean that you shave off your beard or that you can’t get tattoos. Just make sure that whatever you do is in a limit.


Here’s an excellent way to ensure that nobody thinks you are a biker no matter how much you look like one. Wear sneakers instead of heavy boots. Boots look great with the whole leather ensemble, but they give you the appearance of someone who just got off a Harley and that is not what you want. Pairing your leather outfit with sneakers is a sure-fire way of telling everyone that you are not a biker.

Choose sneakers that are stylish, comfortable and match the outfit. Leave the combat boots at home.


Once you have come up with a look, make sure that you own it. No matter what you look like, you have to look good, feel good, and be confident with it all.

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