Use NetBase Quid Products to Enhance Market Research And Identify Trends

Today, accurate business intelligence proves essential for effective marketing purposes. The recent global Coronavirus pandemic significantly increased the volume of online shopping in many parts of the world. Yet while consumers hurried to order some types of products, other goods and services actually declined in popularity during 2020. As a busy holiday marketing season rapidly approaches, retailers desperately need to obtain useful Market Intelligence

The Benefits of Market Intelligence 

What trends prompt consumers to favor one type of product over another? How soon will customers return to pre-COVID-19 purchasing patterns? Did the pandemic irrevocably change the way shoppers purchase goods and services over the Internet? The answers to these questions, and many others, may impact online merchants profoundly over the course of the upcoming year. 

Of course, retailers still need to obtain accurate data about potential marketplace competitors and their product lines. Before investing in an expensive holiday season sales campaign, most marketers carefully evaluate online shopping trends and the available products within their marketplace niches. Taking this step often assists a retailer in determining the products to actively promote. It may also prevent a needless waste of advertising resources. Accurate, finely targeted, customized market research holds immense value. The recent disruptions created by the

COVID-19 pandemic only served to highlight the importance of this category of business intelligence. 

A Stunning Transformation in Technology 

Fortunately, retailers and other online merchants benefit today from rapid recent advances in database technologies and artificial intelligence (“AI”). The power of computers has grown significantly during the past two decades. These powerful tools now offer assistance in gathering, manipulating, and analyzing huge streams of data in real time. They facilitate more accurate analytics in a staggering array of fields today. 

To fully appreciate the revolution in computing, simply compare the differences between the huge mainframe computers of the 1960s and 1970s, and the compact (yet vastly more powerful) laptops and PCs of today. In fact, a simple hand held smartphone in 2020 offers far greater computing capabilities than some of the expensive university research computers of yesteryear. This change will greatly assist online merchants conducting market research in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

A Helpful Market Research Solution This Year 

How do more powerful computers and mobile technologies assist business analysts today? First, modern computers manage much larger data streams than their predecessors. In the past, analysts often had to wait for extended periods of time in order for human beings to input information and manipulate the data. Now, automation often removes the human element from this process. A point-of-purchase scanner may transmit information about a purchase directly to a database in a matter of seconds. 

Second, today large databases extend across networks of computers. These IT resources sometimes evaluate information from diverse locations quickly. Obtaining a real time stream of intelligence offers valuable assistance to researchers in many fields. Business analysts performing important market research assignments no longer need to wait weeks, months, or entire fiscal quarters to appreciate the results of these manipulations. Instead, they use sophisticated software platforms that crunch the numbers rapidly and alert humans to significant trends and developments. 

Tap Into Useful Analytics This Year 

How can online marketers benefit from this change? NetBase Quid product lines offer a way for even small companies to obtain the benefits of highly sophisticated computerized technologies. Using the Quid Pro market intelligence and analytics platform may provide businesses with the competitive edge they require to survive and prosper during a very challenging economic period. Don’t overlook this potent resource!

Netbase: What Companies or Brands Should Look for in a Social Media Analytics Tool

Utilizing the correct tool with the proper features is vital to remaining important and reinforcing your digital marketing efforts. Your brand can reap most from social media by tuning in to what your followers say, breaking it down, and creating strategies founded on actionable insights. It might be dubious about doing so but will assist with driving business development, get a higher ROI, and leverage the social media marketing power for your business or brand. Here’re seven elements to search for in a social media analytics tool

Online Reputation Management 

Your social media analytics tools should include the size and volume of conversation associated with your brand. By using free tools online, it’s not easy to verify whether the conversation is bad or good for your brand. You need analytics tools that incorporate reputation management features to help you comprehend the sentiment of the audience going around your brand. That can be incredibly significant to opening success doors or tracing your key powerless areas. 

Social Media Monitoring 

Monitoring in social media has become a complex procedure, thinking about the mass and assortment of social traffic across various platforms. The most fitting social media analytics tool will permit you to track and monitor the conversation across various networks, dialects, languages, and countries. Moreover, it will assist you with monitoring discussions about your brand continuously, filter it suitably, and provide historical information backlogs to offer you all the needed data.

Social Media Listening Tools 

Following conversation that relates to your brand is undoubtedly significant, particularly when measuring your campaign’s success. But it’s likewise essential if you can get acquainted with the trends in your industry. An ideal social media analytics tool allows you to view your brand’s performance against your competitors or its importance in the market, dependent on share-of-voice, sentiment, and risk profiles. 

Social Media Analysis 

Metrics in social media arrive in a wide range of formats, shapes, and sizes. It’s vital to find what works ideally with your brand. In-depth analysis tools will help you gain more knowledge of influencer profiling, audience analysis, and brand reputation. The social media analytics tools you choose should have customizable dashboards that update details in real-time. That’s fundamental since it allows predictable achievement and will assist with keeping you above areas where your attention is usually needed. It’s likewise prudent to pick an accomplice that can assist you with processing the detailed analysis. By drawing insights, you can build significant strategies from it. 

Engagement Tracking 

Listening, monitoring, and analyzing data in social media is getting unfathomably intricate and thorough. However, it can be effective and quicker to establish insights into actionable assignments. That’s why it might be critical to choose a tool that allows you to integrate monitoring and listening in social media with unswerving commitment. That allows content strategy, community management, and analytics to function hand in hand. 

News Monitoring Tools 

Staying up with the latest news and conversation about your industry or brand is likewise a significant piece of online reputation management. It’s crucial to become the first to know developments impacting your brand and make your communities and campaigns flourish. A useful social media analytics tool will ensure you get threshold alerts through SMS or email immediately on concern areas, including influential authors, specific types of content, and strong sentiments. 

360-Degree Media Monitoring 

More companies and brands are investing bigger budgets into their yearly digital media financial plans. It’s essential to choose a tool that can provide a 360-degree perspective on expenses, marketing campaigns ROI, and AVE. You become aware of whether your investments are making an impact as planned. Each feature is crucial for marketing campaigns, and thus it is crucial to comprehend what you exactly need.

Getting the best out of social media listening 

Social media listening websites are fast becoming the best source of almost everything that you can get online. It is almost impossible for a business to operate without a page, and it is because it has been paying off. One of the strategies that are working for almost everyone is
social media listening

It is all about knowing what people are saying about various topics, and you need special online tools to do it. One of the tools that have proved useful for most users is NetBase. The following tips will help you get the best out of the tools. 

Choose realtime listening 

Choosing realtime listening ensures that you respond to important matters fast. Remember that the reason you are using these tools is to manage online information. Because of that, it does not make sense when you take too long before checking the alerts. You might find out that as you ignored them, someone was having a field day, and the damage they have caused is almost impossible to repair. Realtime listening also ensures that you prioritize the alerts to work on and those that can wait. 

Get data from lots of sources 

Social media listening tools such as NetBase can collect information from lots of sources. For instance, they can scan even the newest social media sites so that you

get data from a wide variety of sources. In addition to that, some of the tools can collect data from private websites and blogs. The trick here is to program them to capture data from lots of sources. You may get too many reports that may take longer to decipher, but it will be worth it. You might be getting data from a selected website when somebody is busy damaging your reputation on a site you least expect. The best part is that you can also set the tools to classify information for easier interpretation. 

Do not miss a mention 

Sometimes, you get too many alerts tempting you to overlook some of them. This happens when you have set the tools to capture too many search phrases. However, before you bin that message, ask yourself the potential damage you are exposing your business to. You could be overlooking one of the most important notifications. You may want to ask someone to help you in reading through the information if it is overwhelming. The aim is to ensure that you don’t miss a mention because you don’t know what it is about. Sometimes, you can prioritize notification from several sites that you consider crucial and spare the notifications for later. 

Listen to your competition 

One of the mistakes that most users make is to focus on notifications from customers and failing to listen to competition. Although the customer is important, you need to understand that your competitors can bring you down too. Think about the possibility of them starting a malicious campaign in forums that you are not part of, and what it can do to your business. In addition to that, dissatisfied customers are likely to complain to your competitors without letting you know. It is because of these situations that you can’t afford to let your competitors play too far from you. 

You will also get the best results from social media listening if you track influencers in your niche and find a way of leveraging their popularity to grow your business. Also, get tools from a trusted vendor to be sure of the best performance. Even though there are many suppliers, do not use any until you are sure it is what you need. With a company like NetBase, you are sure to get trusted tools that make social media your new goldmine. 

The Power of Social Listening and Tips From NetbaseQuid

Social listening is a refined way to monitor customers’ likes and dislikes. It goes beyond merely tallying up the stars and thumbs up. Instead, it is a tool that looks into the consumer’s mind and determines whether they are having a positive or negative experience with an operation’s product or service. In the past, getting this detailed information might have taken time, but technology has made the process effective and efficient. 

Today more than ever, business owners need to understand their client base, and it can be tricky because there are so many social media platforms for people to share their opinion on. Social listening is the next generation of social monitoring. Companies should track both of these conditions to improve their services and overall bottom line. 

Customer Experience 

The cues taken from social listening can enhance a customer’s experience by enriching more of the positive factors and eliminating are reducing friction between the user and the end product. Addressing the positive aspects is not as easy as it sounds. Once a business discovers what particular product or service their clients like the most, it may seem like common sense to promote that item. Bumping up the marketing and social appearance of crowd-pleasing products is good, but if you can find out the exact reason why an object or feature has risen to the top, you can create marketing masterpieces that specifically highlight those benefits. 

For example, a clothing manufacturer sees that a particular pair of pants is garnering high marks and rave reviews. Through social listening, you hear that people are highlighting the feel of the cloth and the cut of the waistband. In other

media outlets, customers note how easy the pants are to take care of. The buyers like that the trousers are wash-and-wear, and it is indicated that they are perfect for traveling because they never need ironing. This is the information that can help you create a targeted campaign, which will be reaching the very audience that is looking for your service. 

Handling Negative Issues 

When it comes to social listening, negative feedback is appreciated. These comments are actually tools that can be used to streamline an operation, but in these instances, the data that you collect needs to be manipulated in a slightly different manner. 

We will stick with our pants for this example. If the consumers are obviously showing signs of dislike for this piece of clothing, a savvy business owner would see if they could salvage the product or scrap it entirely. Let us say the consumers commented that the pants were tight. With that information, the shopping portals and websites could be altered to recommend buying a size up. Another option would be to have the manufacturers adjust the sizing label. Negative information can save a company time and money. 

Addressing Comments

It can be necessary to address some of the social media comments. The positive feedback can be recycled and reused on leading websites. Some of the negative comments might need to be addressed, but be picky about which ones you respond to and what you say. Fighting every battle on the internet is a waste of time, and it could make a company look like a bully. 


Another useful measure that can be extracted from social listening is what consumers are saying about your competitors. NetbaseQuid is a marketing and technology company that helps businesses automate this type of information as well as tracking the pro and con statements. The portals incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) with an experienced technical team. The support system and data feedback are designed to catapult businesses to the next level. Social monitoring and listening are only part of a more robust package. 

Social Media Tools Your Brand or Business Needs in 2020

The importance of social media can’t be overemphasized, especially when it comes to generating more leads, increasing brand awareness, and bringing more conversions. At least 45% of the world is on social media, so it’s the platform to be if you want your brand or business to reach the highest number of people. 

Social media, however, can be very tedious. Moreover, there are a vast number of different assignments, running from number-based exercises such as tracking analytics to graphic designs. It tends to be challenging to track down the workforce and skills to execute a good strategy in social media. It’s for these reasons brands and businesses need social media tools to handle the job. The following are some of the top social media tools your brand might need this year. 

HubSpot’s Social Inbox Tool 

The tool spares you essential time while optimizing your efforts in social media. You can schedule your posts, monitor messages, and integrate your blog with social networks to nurture your new leads. 

HubSpot additionally incorporates your entire advertising with your CRM. Thus, it’s easier to see the number of leads and clients you’re getting right from social media. HubSpot Marketing Hub puts the capability of corporate marketing in the reach of everyone.


This is an Instagram development service that assists you in getting more natural followers. The development service “likes” approximately 30,000 photographs every month on cautiously targeted accounts by utilizing your organization account. The users are real people who start following your account and increasing the awareness of your brand. Among the dominant social media tools, Kicksta is a solid match for any business and can offer a responsive, helpful, and friendly customer success team. 


Later is a social media promotion platform that permits you to plan and schedule your posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The simplified schedule makes it simple for you to delineate your forthcoming posts and glance at the look of your feed. 

You can likewise follow your analytics, which helps figure out the ideal time to post, and the most appropriate hashtags to utilize—also, Linkin.Bio Instagram feature aids your posts to become shoppable instantly. 


Adobe’s product is one of the greatest social media tools and allows you to edit and organize photos. Social media is much more about visuals. Thus, the social media accounts of your business need to showcase dynamic, on-brand photographs. 

Filters, sliders, and numerous other features make Lightroom an easy to use tool that you can use to build beautiful photographs even for those with little experience. Lightroom is accessible for both desktop and mobile, and the best part is that the changes you make in one device instantly apply to your entire gadgets. 


Canva is a graphic design website that’s easy to use. The platform permits you to create on-brand and custom graphics for your organization’s social media accounts. The site has many formats, particularly from Facebook banners, Twitter posts, and Instagram stories. Thus, for those beginning from scratch and finding it intimidating to create social graphics, they can use templates instead. 


Described as storytellers’ toolkit, Unfold is an Android and iOS app that assists you to build beautiful layouts for Instagram stories. Breathing life into your innovative dreams is the spearheading idea behind Unfold. It’s an excellent application for lifestyle brands that seek to build stylish montages for their social media accounts. Unfold will help your brand to engage optimally with followers.

The market is full of various top-notch social media tools, and it’s your responsibility to choose those that work best with your brand. The tools you pick must fit your budget, needs, and your marketing objectives.

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