Top PC Setup Accessories for Gaming

There’s one major thing that separates true PC gamers from the everyday wannabe (other than about a million hours logged).


It’s true, watch any of the significant Twitch streamers and you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common. To act like a professional, you have to look like a professional. 

If you’re a gamer already, you probably have all the necessary hardware. Let’s focus on your PC setup accessories now, because these can truly make or break your gaming experience.

If you can’t get comfortable in your chair or you have to quit after just a few games because of a headache, you’re not gaming to your full potential. Check out this list of the top eight essential gaming accessories for your PC.

The Ultimate List of Cool PC Setup Accessories

First things first, let’s make sure your PC itself is gaming at your level. 

See that big black box on your desk? Yeah, you can upgrade and replace certain parts at a time and believe me, that might make all the difference in the world for your gaming experience

The 2080 graphics card inside your PC essentially controls how fast the images and videos are rendering. Upgrade this and you can get higher frames per second, which means you may see other players before they see you (hello Victory Royale). 

Our top pick for a new graphics card would definitely be the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090. As the newest release in its field, this card has state of the art technology. 

A graphics card is arguably the most critical hardware aspect of your PC gaming, but they can be on the pricey side due to their importance. Don’t worry though; our list includes some pretty cheap PC gaming accessories that can hold their own against the high-end pieces. 

  1. Light-Up RGB Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard by Corsair boasts its bright RGB backlit keys and the slim design will fit perfectly no matter your desktop setup without losing any of its firmness. Made from anodized aluminum, the frame on this keyboard will last through every stage of rage. 

The low input delay allows you to move fast and lag less. When you’re gaming, that’s insanely important. If you are always thinking three steps ahead, you need a keyboard that can keep up. 

When purchasing a gaming keyboard, make sure you choose a mechanical one. These types of keyboards register multiple button presses at the same time, a feature that most games rely on. 

Check out our top wallet-friendly light-up keyboard by HyperX here.

  1. Gaming Chair

If you can’t be comfortable while gaming, you might as well not play at all. 

Secretlab Titan chairs are far from secret- many of the top streamers are using them, and for great reason. Not only are there five colors to choose from, but you can even customize the fabric of your chair if you’re ordering online.

With over 10,000 reviews and a 4.9/5.0 rating on their website, you’re never going to want to get out of this chair. 

This comfy, ergonomic gaming/office chair available at Target offers a cheaper option. 

  1. Headset

For high-quality sound on a less-than-pro gamer’s budget, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is the best bet for a dope new headset. 

Your ears will stay nice and snug with their 90 degree rotating memory foam cups. The built-in microphone utilizes “swivel-to-mute” technology so you never have to question whether or not you’re muted. 

The sound quality on the HyperX is pretty much unmatched among affordable headsets. Although the headset will need to be wired to your PC, this old-school way of doing things helps prevent them from dying on you in the middle of a round. 

With multiple-platform compatibility and a few colors to pick from, your perfect Logitech headset is out there. 

  1. Mini-Fridge

Personally, this is my favorite part of my PC setup. 

There’s no better feeling after an intense round than cracking open an energy drink, soda, or adult beverage (for my 21+ friends). Who can stop at just one though? 

Instead of wasting precious time walking to and from your kitchen, have an ice-cold beverage within arm’s reach by adding a mini-fridge to your PC gaming setup. 

For a retro 1950’s aesthetic, my favorite mini-fridge is by Galanz. Take your pick between Surf Green and Red. Even though this fridge is pretty compact, the door bins and slide-out glass shelves help you organize your drinks or leftovers to fit what you need. 

If you’re in need of a bigger, more efficient mini-fridge, definitely go with the COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler. At only 1.6 cubic feet, this mini-fridge still holds 60 standard-sized cans so you can store everything you need without sacrificing space. 

  1. Curved Monitor

Okay, okay. I know I said we were staying away from hardware but we can’t just ignore one of the biggest new updates to the PC gaming community: curved monitors. 

Sometimes, you don’t just want to play a game, you want to be swallowed by it. Curved monitors will make you feel like you’re right there alongside your player seeing what they see. 

The Sceptre 32-inch Curved LED Monitor transports you into the world of your game and boasts a refresh rate at nearly three times the average speed. 

Anti-flicker backlight technology helps pictures stay focused during chaotic gaming, a security desk lock help keeps the monitor protected from theft, and a tiltable display allows you to find that viewing sweet spot. Just a few more reasons this monitor has been topping charts since its release. 

  1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light isn’t inherently bad at all, in fact when you’re outside in the sun, blue light waves help you feel refreshed and motivated.

However, the blue light that glows from your computer screen is less positive. Too much exposure has been known to cause strain and induce headaches, both of which can be pretty detrimental in the long run. 

Avoid the harmful effects of blue light by rocking some blue light blocking glasses, like the ones from Zenni. Their line of affordable Blokz frames come in several styles and colors so you can choose the best match for your personality. 

If you need a specific prescription, you can even add it to the frames at checkout!

For a huge comprehensive list of different blue light glasses options, head to Forbes and check out their list of best 2020 glasses. This is also a great reference to learn more about the effects of blue light on your eyes. 

  1. Gaming Mouse

Two of the biggest factors to remember when shopping for a computer mouse are weight and precision, and no one designs a better mouse with these things in mind than Logitech. 

Pro gamers like Ninja have been using Logitech for years. 

One of their newest designs, the Pro X Super Light, weighs less than 63 grams to give you a smooth glide. The Hero 25K Sensor ensures pinpoint precision to keep you at the top of your game during split-second decisions.  

The best part of this mouse is its sustainable nature. It is 100% carbon neutral, meaning that they are produced in facilities with net-zero carbon emissions. For the first time, you can play with pride knowing you’re supporting a company that supports our animal friends. 

  1. Gaming Desk

To tie it all together, you need a spot to put all of these cool new PC gaming accessories. If you have the space available, upgrading to a gaming desk can be highly beneficial. 

Most gaming desks will allow you to adjust the height of the desk to your standards, so pair this with your new gaming chair and you’re set.

This desk by DESINO contours your body to allow for comfort and breathability. The L-shaped design makes it perfect for smaller, tighter spaces while still providing space for the classic multiple-monitor PC setup. 

For some other great desk options, check out this list of 10 Best Gamer Desks. With everything from cupholders to headphone racks, your ideal gaming desk is probably on this list. 

How Is Your Setup Looking? 

Hopefully, these eight cool new PC setup accessories give you something to think about when it comes to upgrading your gaming experience. 

Some of these accessories tend to be towards the more expensive side, and those aren’t for everyone! Always remember that in the end, your gaming experience should be fun. This list helps to magnify that fun, but don’t break your bank in doing so.

Find ways to save on your favorite PC gaming items here so you can feel stylish and sleek the next time you go head-to-head. 

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