Top 3 Payroll Software Programs Used by Companies

Payroll software programs have automated the task of the assignment of salaries to the employees. This, in turn, has made the lives of the HR officers so much easier. Gone are the days where you would have to assign the payments to the employees individually. All the top-class payroll software solutions use well-managed systems in order to fully automate that job so that the organizations can focus on the more important aspects of their businesses.

However, this also means that when thinking about choosing a payroll software for small businesses, one may feel overwhelmed by the choices available. If that is the case with you, look no further as our guide will help you compare the top 3 payroll software programs used by companies – Netchex, Gusto, and OnPay.

OnPay – Pros:

OnPay is a fast payroll tool that offers its clients unlimited payrolls at the speed with which they are comfortable. It has the feature of creating custom forms and fields in order to provide its clients with the desired personalization of their reports. The mobile app of OnPay improves the user experience as well.

OnPay – Cons:

A big drawback of OnPay is that their website is not well-optimized. Sometimes, it feels like it requires extra scrolling to find the desired functionality on it. The mobile platform is also no better as it comes with some bugs such as fainting texts. Moreover, the app does not offer complete functionality either.


Gusto – Pros:

Gusto is an easy-to-use software that provides its clients good automation of their HR duties. It also contains a mobile app offering portability to the users. The company focuses on maintaining an exceptional user interface that improves the experience and provides customizability on all levels.

Gusto – Cons:

Gusto offers its clients a feature-based pricing system. This means that even after paying a high starting price of $25 per month, the customers cannot receive full functionality. The price can even hike up to $45 per month with all the features included.

The organizational features of the reports and customer support service of the company are also lacking. It fails to be consistent, which results in many users feeling that it is not worth the high price. Moreover, just like OnPay, the availability of a mobile application means that the product has divided its attention towards maintaining two separate platforms which results in none of them offering complete functionality.

Netchex – Pros

Netchex is known as one of the most versatile payroll software companies as their product features a lot of adaptability. It can suit organizations of all sizes. The stand-out feature of Netchex is its dashboard system that keeps the HR department connected to the employees of the company. Moreover, it has a starting price of only $12 per month which makes it significantly cheaper out of all three.

The most definitive feature of Netchex is its astounding customer support service. The staff members will go above and beyond to fulfill the customer queries while keeping the most perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness. This helpful service when combined with the excellent customization feature for reports makes Netchex a spectacular experience for its price.

Netchex – Cons:

Netchex does not feature a two-factor authorization system for its login process. This means that its security can be bypassed by an outsider. However, this can be ignored since Netchex is a purely web-based online service that does not offer offline capabilities. There is also a lack of a mobile platform as compared to Gusto and OnPay, which reduces the service’s mobility and portable experience.

Final Verdict

It is evident from the above-made comparison between the 3 softwares that Netchex is the ultimate winner among them. The low price offering such a high amount of features and functionality makes Netchex a rare gem. It has the widest range of coverage which makes it suitable for companies of all sizes. Not to mention the fact that in both rankings and user ratings, Netchex has been dubbed as the best payroll software of 2021. The extraordinary customer support staff makes Netchex the best choice for any organization. This is highlighted by the reviews left by their satisfied users that are all amazed by the helpful nature of the staff.

Hence, Netchex is our pick for you as a payroll software program that will fulfill all your requirements.

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