Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies You Should Watch Alone At Night

In such of Indian cinema, Bollywood Horror Movies as a category has been reduced to camp, never quite reaching the reputation that is right full earn. Sketch makeup, overdramatic background score, wafer-thin plots, and cheap production plan meant horror stayed strictly in Bollywood movie territory

Every pappi Gudias and Ramsay brother’s production, which makes for ironic watch and thus, still retain entertainment value, there have been several jewels too. Bollywood Horror Movies work best when it looks inbound: towards mythology and folklore, instead of importing western tropes that have already been done and better.

At times horror movies are scary not because they introduce an element of the supernatural but because they give a sinister spin to every day. A new kind of common horror has emerged that weaves and existing societal difficulty patriarchy, racism, tribalism into the horror character

The List of Horror Movies In Bollywood

[1] Raat [1992]

This film is considered to be one of the most excellent films. It’s a ghostly thriller that doesn’t go over the top with the nuances of a horror movie. The plot is set into the motion when a kitten is a murder and the lady is possessed with its character. After you see this cult classic you will never view at cats the same away.

[2] 1920 [2008] 

A royal deserted mansion. An unknown caretaker. A freshly wed couple. This film overflows in every stereotype normal of Bollywood Horror Movies but what sets it apart from the others is the absolute artistic finesse with which the cage has been done.

[3] Raaz [2002] 

inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer starred “what lies beneath”. Raaz was just the beginning of a slew horror film that Bipasha Basu was to sign later. Michelle Pfeiffer did a commendable job in the original. But our Bips matched her in the workday.

[4] Ragini MMS [2011] 

Ragini MMS is inspired by the American Supernatural horror movie “Paranormal Activity” and is partly based on a true story. Unlike its ending. This one id does not have sunny leone but still, it managed to draw the public to the theatre thanks to its edge of seat thrills. The sleeper punch can give you a few sleepless hours when you shot the bed at night.  

[5] 13 B [2009] 

13B comes filled to the rafters with spine-tingling chills and shock. It doesn’t totally depend on a weird background score and funky camera angles to deliver the chills. With a solid script and an ensemble cast that does its job to perfection. 13B is a film you shouldn’t miss. 

[6] Mahal [1949] 

Considered as the first horror film. Mahal deals with the likelihood of reincarnation. This one probably shocks the hit out of your daddy as well as dada. Even the minimalistic effects the movie has continued to haunt the audience for decades. 

[7] Bees Saal Baad [1962]

An unknown woman walking around at night through a field crooning Kahin deep Jale Kahin Dil spooked the nation so much that the movie turned out to be maximum grosser in 1962. Almost based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Hound of Baskerville”, Beeks Saal remains every bit haunting even after pashas Saal Baad of its release.  

[8] Horror Story [2013] 

A crowd of youngsters decides to spend the night at a haunted place. Things get convoluted and its shock fest thereon. Some genuinely terrifying pictures will make you drop off your seat. Those looking for chill won’t be complaining to all. 

[9] Shaapit [2010]

The third episode in the Raaz trilogy, Shaapit is good to raise the hair on the back of your neck. Like Vikram Bhatt’s film, the USP of this film files lies in its analysis. At the end of it all, you might want to trust in curses and evil spirits. 

[10] Ek Thi Dayan

The thinking of Dayan existing in society is spooky in itself, Ek Thi Dayan is a strong attempt at trying at something new. It is a cross between an out and out Bollywood Horror Movies and a creepy. The supernatural drama may seem unrealistic but the stylized medicine and the taut storyline make up for it, not to mention Konkan Sen’s Eerie portrayal of a Dayan. 

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