Tips to Prepare for ICSE Class 10 Exam

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, popularly known as CISCE, is a national-level private education board in India. The CISCE Board conducts two examinations: The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) for Class 10 and The Indian School Certificate for Class 12. The CISCE board was established in 1958, and it is considered one of the toughest boards in India. The Board also prescribes syllabus, textbooks, sample papers, and designs question papers for Class 10 and 12 board exams.

For students, ICSE Class 10 exams are considered to be a strong foundation to pursue higher studies. It acts as a turning point in a student’s life. Students can opt for their interested stream if they excel in their ICSE Class 10 exam. To score good marks in their exam, students should be well-prepared with a proper study plan. In this article, below, we have shared a few essential tips and tricks to ace their Class 10 exam.

Few Tips To Ace in your ICSE Class 10 Board Exam

  • To score good marks in their exam, students should prepare a proper study plan and stick to it. Having an appropriate strategy of study will help them to distribute equal importance to all the subjects.

  • Students should stick to their ICSE Class 10 syllabus of their respective subjects. The Board prescribes the syllabus and all study materials are prepared accordingly. It covers all the important topics and subtopics related to the subject, respectively.

  • While preparing for their Class 10 exam, students should give equal importance to all the subjects. Most of the students tend to focus on major subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, etc. Subjects like English and languages help in uplifting their overall percentage.

  • Students should strategize a proper revision plan so that they can revise all the subjects before the exam. They should make sure that after completing the revision of one chapter, they should jump to the next chapter.

  • While preparing for the exam, students should solve previous year papers and sample papers. Solving sample papers will help students to understand the exam pattern. Previous year question papers give an idea of the question paper pattern, weightage of marks, etc.

  • To ace in their exam, students should refer to ICSE textbooks of their respective subjects. Textbooks are considered as a good source of information. It also helps in clearing their doubts. At the end of each chapter, the textbook provides exercise questions for practice purposes. ICSE textbook explains each topic and subtopics in an easy-to-understand language.

For ICSE Class 10 students, preparing for the exam is full of stress and anxiety. So, they should take the exam seriously and work hard for it. By following the below-mentioned tips, students can get an idea of how they should prepare for their exam effectively. Always remember to stick to ICSE syllabus for Class 10 to write the exam with full confidence.

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