Three Ways 5G Technology Will Make Life More Luxurious

You have probably heard at least a passing mention of 5G technology, and how it is poised to have a positive impact on our lives, including our dependence on our technological world known as the Internet of Things (IoT). In a nutshell, 5G technology is the 5th generation mobile network. In addition to helping connect you with your friends and family like 4G technology, 5G will elevate the network to interconnect and control machines and devices from the IoT. It’s estimated that there will be 20.8 billion connected things in use worldwide by the year 2020.

To understand how 5G will help make your life even easier and more luxurious, check out the following examples:

VR Devices Will Be More Incredible Than Ever

5G technology will bring with it a number of incredible immersive experiences on virtual reality devices. Because VR devices that are powered by 5G will have a feature called Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna technology, as well as multi-connectivity, people who enjoy virtual reality experiences will notice a more uniform and seamless experience. Live broadcasting via wearables like VR headsets could also be a feature of 5G technology; you could potentially put on a pair of 5G connected smart glasses to watch a major sporting event like the World Series, and instead of posting updates on social media to say “Hey! Watching the game!” you could share your visual experience online with friends and family around the world.

Your Remote Vacation Home Will Be Connected

Many of the IoT devices that we use every day depend on a home broadband connection. A 5G router (also known as a 802.11ac router) will need nothing more than a source of power and to be within a network’s coverage area to work. This means that if you have a luxury vacation cabin out in the middle of nowhere, when you head there to get away from the rat race and unwind, you will be able to use a 5G router to enjoy the internet access you are used to. If you enjoy traveling far for amazing vacations, 5G will also allow you to quickly and easily stay in touch with your loved ones back home.

Your Devices Will Automatically Sync With Your Contacts’ Technology

5G will enable the devices we love for the IoT — for example, our beloved smartwatches and tablets and smartphones, and connect them with the devices that belong to your friends, business colleagues, family and more. If you and a fellow entrepreneur want to meet to go over ideas, you can sync up your calendars on your devices to easily stay in touch. If you are getting ready to go out of town on business, you can easily link your IoT devices to your employees so everyone will easily know your itinerary and when you will return.

5G technology promises to be incredibly fast and efficient with loads of innovative real-life applications. From allowing those who enjoy virtual reality to have even more amazing experiences and staying connected at all times, even when visiting a chalet in Switzerland or your vacation home on a remote island, to syncing up effortlessly with the important people in your life, 5G will certainly have a positive impact on the luxury side of the IoT.

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