The Meanings Behind Some of the Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Today, wedding flowers are intended to emphasize the beauty of the bride. In the past, the choice of wedding flowers was of great importance, because with each flower something should be expressed. The motto: Let the flowers speak …

At hardly any other festival, the flower decoration is as important as at a wedding. No artificial decoration, however beautiful, can replace the lively splendour of a sea of flowers: perfectly matched flower arrangements make every wedding table shine festively and create a festive ambience. But not only in the celebration location – possibilities to decorate with flowers, there are many: altar and benches in the church, bridal car or carriage, hair wreaths, stray baskets of the flower children and the most important of course: the bridal bouquet!

Plan flower decorations in time

Think about your flower decoration early on. Nevertheless, it is sufficient if you start to get offers and ideas from florists about three months in advance. Ultimately, you should commission your flower decorations at least four weeks before your big day. The type of flowers you choose depends on the style of the wedding party, your personality and, of course, your preferences!

Wedding floristry underscores festive ambience

Today, wedding flowers are intended above all to create a festive ambience and to underline the beauty of the bride. In the past, the choice of wedding flowers was of great importance, because much was said “through the flower”. With every flower – whether buttercups, gerbera, roses or violets – you can express an emotion. 

Find out what each flower, plant and colour symbolise below so you can get everything perfect on your special day!


Chrysanthemums not only exude freshness and cheerfulness, but also stand for consistency. In the colour red, the flowers, originally from the Far East, express intimate love.


Between all the colourful flowers in the bridal bouquet, the eucalyptus is a wonderfully soothing component. So is its meaning: it is supposed to have a purifying effect that makes negative energies disappear.


“Everything becomes more beautiful through you!” – This romantic message brings the Gerbera with her. And exudes a cheerful atmosphere and is therefore also ideal as a flower decoration.


It is particularly symbolic in the colour red, but at the same time stands for the labour movement as well as for friendship and great passion. In Spain it is closely connected with folklore and therefore also national flower of the country.


The orchid has its own status among the flowers, as it is extremely beautiful and very rare. She is often quoted as saying “you bow to your beauty.” 


The filled flower splendour stands for uniqueness as well as attractiveness and has always symbolized romance and attraction.


She is the Queen of Flowers and a symbol of love. The white rose symbolizes purity, the red one stands for desire and passion.

Veiled herb

Almost no wedding decoration can do without veils – it has become a true classic in flower decoration and bridal bouquet. 


The popular spring flower stands for love and affection. The darker their colour, the stronger the feeling.


It is a sensitive, delicate plant. Therefore, it stands as a symbol of mutual respect and attention to each other.


Like the rose, the peony is considered a symbol of love. It also stands for security, feminine beauty and wealth.


In the Christian faith, the lily is a symbol of purity, innocence and virginity.


It is assigned to the goddesses Aphrodite and Demeter, mother of the earth and fertility. The bride of antiquity usually wore a wreath of braided myrtle branches as a headdress. It is a traditional wedding plant.


Lavender is a symbol of purity and memory.


Hydrangeas attract all eyes with their impressive flowers. The typical colours are pink blue and white. They generally symbolize admiration – but beware with white hydrangeas, because they also stand for death.


With their unusual appearance, the prickly plants stand out – in the truest sense of the word – from the delicate flower splendour of a bridal bouquet and are thus true eye-catchers. Thistles are also a symbol of redemption and protection.


The small cactus-like plants are great eye-catchers at every wedding, because they look stylish and unusual. Like cacti, succulents stand for perseverance, patience, indestructibility, and warmth.


It expresses joy and pride. It was considered sacred to the Indians and served as a jewel of the virgins in the cult of the sun god.


This flower is a timeless symbol of beauty and recognition, it also stands for elegance and modernity.

Colour symbolism: meaning of flower colour

Flowers inspire above all by their almost inexhaustible variety of colours. Each colour has its own meaning, as well as an element of psychology behind it:

White: Purity, Honesty, Innocence

Red: Love, infatuation – the darker, the greater the affection

Pink: gentle feelings, romance

Yellow: Joy of life, carelessness, energy, warmth

Blue: mysterious romance, fidelity, consistency

Orange: Optimism, lust for life, energy, warmth, endurance

Purple: Individuality, dignity, unobtrusive cordiality

Green: Naturalness, Hope, Liveliness, New Beginning

Brown: Nature, safety, down-to-earth

Hopefully with this guide you will have the inspiration you need to make your wedding flower arrangement sing, and have the symbolic significance behind it you desire! Perhaps you are looking to gift flowers to bride? Make sure you send the right message with the right posy!

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