The Many Health Benefits of Longan

The Longan is one of the tropical fruits on this list since it is a somewhat exotic and delicious fruit, also called Dragon’s Eye; it is a tropical tree located in all the forests of America and Europe with a leaf that does not change color in the seasons, is known to have a large green fruit with an approximate height of 20 meters.s

It has an air similar to the Litchi fruit tree mentioned above, but this fruit is more resistant to cold, while the leaves are of an intense red color that changes to a dark green tone as time passes and the climates of the area in the plant are found. If you want to know more about what is happening on the planet and how to help it improve, we recommend reading the following article related to Marine Biodiversity.

The flowers are mustard yellow, and the honey that can be possessed is lovely since the fruits grow in oval-shaped branches because the skin is smooth, thin and of tan orange color, turning brown in just one day when harvesting the fruit.

Also, it is covered by small fine holes that cover the seed inside the fruit; this differs since they are less visible than those of the Lychee, that is why the Longan also has a pulp similar to that of the Litchi; it is of a Very transparent white, it is juicy and sweet, with a flavor that can be a bit acidic and pleasant with a hint of hazelnut.

This pulp is compacted into a membrane that covers around the seed, black, shiny, and with a white spot that gives it the appearance of an eye, not only due to the source’s size but also due to the variation depending on the fruit and its growth.

How is Longan Preserved and Eaten?

When buying and consuming a fruit such as Longan, you may come to base your preferences on those fruits that are brown and do not show cracks or spots.

Tropical fruits such as Longan are those that, being ripe, can be kept in the refrigerator for consumption, which can be ready in approximately a few days.

For better preservation, the fruit can be stored in the refrigerator in a perforated bag. Being thinner, the skin is much easier to peel; the Longan is often used in cooking and traditional USA medicine.

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It is a fruit that is eaten fresh, it can be used in salads, sweet or salty, and can also be used to combine rice and vegetable dishes or use them as a starter or complement to meals.

On the other hand, the fruit is easy to can and is part of juices, fruits, and liquors.

Longan Benefits for Human Health

Among the health benefits of this tropical fruit, we can mention:

Longan is mostly used to improve memory and is mixed with soothing and relaxing properties.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses Longan as a tonic for good heart health, to relieve stress, and to increase the skin’s health, perfection, and purity.

It is a fruit low in fat and calories, ideal for weight loss diets.

It improves blood circulation and increases iron absorption, being a recommended fruit for people prone to anemia.

Vitamin A promotes the formation of flesh, bones, and muscles and improves vision.

Varieties of the Longan

We find many varieties of Longan, but in this article, we will not express all of them because they are not used commercially since due to the differences they have with the Longan, they cause them to occur in the fruit production. Some of these are:

The View Kiew: It is a variety of Longan from Asia since it is a late crop, but it is very productive.

River Diamond: It is one of the tropical fruits with a variety that also comes from Asia, but these are fruits of medium size and good quality.

The Kohala: According to the origin of this variety of the longan fruit, it is seen that it comes from several countries located in America, while the fruits are relatively smaller than the average size and have a good flavor.

Curiosities of the Longan

Among the curiosities that we find about this fruit, we can mention the following:

  • Longan seeds are made by an ingredient that is used to make shampoo.
  • It refers to the dragon’s eye in Chinese.
  • The fruit owes its designation to the similarity it has when opening it with one eye.
  • There is a widespread belief that this fruit beautifies women and increases their sexual desire.
  • In Axarquía (Malaga), it is the only region in Europe where Longan can be grown, due to its climate.
  • It is the second most imported fruit by China, 603,000 tons.
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