The Best Shot: A Guide to Choosing Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Is it easy to buy gifts for gun enthusiasts?


Close to 32% of Americans own at least 1 firearm. While some simply see their firearm as a tool, like a fire extinguisher, others see guns as a way of life. A true gun lover is someone who loves learning about guns, buying new ones, and of course, going to the shooting range.

If want to give a gift to the gun enthusiast in your life, then this article’s for you! The best part is, you don’t have to know anything about firearms to purchase a present that’s sure to bring a smile to their face.

What type of presents do gun owners love the most? Read on to find out!

Can You Give a Gun as a Gift?

Of course, one of the best gifts for gun lovers is a gun itself. However, you might be wondering, “Is it legal to give a gun as a gift?”. On a federal level, giving a gun as a gift is perfectly legal. As long as the recipient of the gift isn’t in some way prohibited from owning a firearm, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

When you live in the same state, gifting a gun is the easiest. You can simply hand over a sentimental firearm, or even go out and buy a new piece. However, the state you live in might require you to obtain some type of federal firearms license or FFL. To play it safe, take a moment to find out what your state’s laws are regarding gifting guns.

Another way to go is to get a gift card that has a high enough spending limit to purchase a quality firearm. Then you can take the gun enthusiast in your life to pick out the firearm themselves. One advantage to having them choose is that they’ll be able to get a piece that suits them perfectly.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if a certain gun will suit a person’s shooting style or even hand size. However, once you’re at a gun store in person, they can hold the different firearms, and even shoot them at the instore range.

What Type of Firearm Do They Own?

Moving on, let’s talk about what to get someone who already owns enough firearms, but could use some accessories. Whenever possible, it’s always helpful if you know the type of firearms the gun enthusiasts in your life own.

The more you know about their specific piece, the easier it’ll be for you to custom shop gifts for gun enthusiasts. For instance, if you know the type of gun your friend or loved one owns, you can look into buying them optics and sights. Oftentimes, sites like Spikes Tactical will list what type of firearm their accessories are compatible with.

Since gun enthusiasts love talking about their firearms, it shouldn’t be difficult to find out which gun they’re most proud of. Once you know the gun they enjoy using the most, start looking for accessories that can make their shooting experience more enjoyable. For instance, optics and sights are a big game-changer, for a wide variety of firearms.

Optics and Sights

Moving on, let’s look at the different types of optics and sights that gun lovers would love to receive as a gift. For starters, a classic option is iron sights. Flip-up iron sights are a reliable gun accessory that a lot of old-school gun owners would appreciate. However, while it’s an old-school accessory, iron sights aren’t without modern advancements.

For instance, there are the Aero Precision sights that come in a flip-up set that you can buy online.. Made for tan AR-15 platform rifle, the set-up flip-up sights mounts on an original Picatinny rail.

Equipped with a knob adjustment for windage, it gives gun owners the ultimate control. We also like the Aero models since they have a spring, making them easy to deploy at a moment’s notice. Once collapsed the iron sights are discrete as to not impede the gun owners handling abilities.

An EDC Dump Tray

Next, let’s look at the best type of dump trays available on the market. The acronym EDC stands for, “every day carry”.

The best firearm owners understand how important it is to be prepared in life. As a result, they tend to carry all of their gear with them, hence earning the term “everyday carry”.

If your friend has a concealed weapons permit and carries their firearm with them frequently, they would love a dump tray. A dump tray is a convenient way for someone to put away all of their EDC gear.

From a knife to car keys, to their wallet, and yes their firearm, a dump tray can hold it all. The best dump trays come with separate compartments to make organization easy.

The Perfect Holster

Another great gift idea for someone with a concealed weapons permit would be to buy them a holster. There’s a ton of different holsters available on the market.

For instance, there are belly band holsters that make it particularly easy to conceal a firearm under clothing. Belly bands are known for being easy to adjust, and comfortable to wear.

Next, inside/outside waistband holsters sit just under, or outside of the belt. An inside/outside-waistband is best for someone who spends a lot of time sitting down. For instance, if your friend or loved one does a lot of driving with their firearm on them, inside/outside waistbands are the way to go.

Next, ankle holsters can completely conceal the firearm. However, since the gun will be down on their ankle, they’re not the best holster for easy access. Instead, most gun enthusiasts use an ankle holster to store their 2nd firearm.

You could also opt to buy a shoulder holster. Shoulder holsters are great for heavy-set gun owners since they won’t have anything pressing into their waistband. Shoulder holsters are popular for being easy to move around in thanks to their lightweight manufacturing. Lastly, there are always good old pocket holsters. Pocket holsters work best with a large jacket or oversized vest.

Portable Cleaning Kits

Moving on, you can never go wrong with purchasing gun cleaning equipment as a gift. Gun owners understand that if their firearms aren’t kept clean, they won’t be good for anything. As a result, most gun owners will invest a lot of money in purchasing quality cleaning kits that can extend the life of their firearms.

If you buy a gun owner the right type of cleaning gear, you can bet it’ll be a gift that gets a lot of use. What’s the right type of cleaning gear?

For starters, you have to quality shop rather than price shop. Cheap cleaning gear can wind up doing more harm than good, and it’s almost always a waste of money.

Next, you’ll need to find a cleaning kit that matches the type of firearm they own. The cleaning kits for rifles will vary greatly from a cleaning kit for pistols or shotguns. If you’re having trouble finding out what type of firearms your friend owns, don’t worry. You can opt to buy a completely versatile cleaning kit, allowing it to accommodate a variety of firearm types.

Moving on, look for cleaning kits that are easy to transport. The more portable the cleaning kit is, the better. Last but not least, all good cleaning kits will come with a standard set of gear. You should get a cleaning rod, lubricant, solvent, and brushes.

Gifts for Gun Collectors

Last on our list of gifts for gun owners, let’s talk about the right presents to get gun collectors. We find that gun-themed items, that aren’t firearms, tend to be great gifts. For instance, you could buy a stylish set of 12 gauge shotgun shotshell coasters. Every time the gun lover in your life uses one of their coasters, they’ll be reminded of what a thoughtful gift-giver you are!

Is the gun enthusiast in your life someone who enjoys having a drink after a long day at the range? If yes, consider getting them whiskey stones that look like bullets!

Are they more of a beer drinker? Then go with a .50 caliber bullet bottle opener. Beer lovers also tend to love any type of gun-themed decor that goes along with beer caps.

For instance, you could get a wooden beer cap map that’s shaped like a handgun. After enjoying their drink, they can have fun placing a cap in their revolver-shaped wall decor.

Start Buying Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Now you know about some of the best gifts for gun enthusiasts. Remember, if you decide to get them something they can use for their firearm, you’ll need to know the exact type of firearm you’re purchasing for.

Reach out to the gun lover in your life today, and pretend like you’re thinking about buying a gun yourself. Ask them what gun they own that’s their favorite, and why. Be sure to write down the gun name, and then let the shopping begin.

Are you ready for more helpful tips like these? Then read another article!

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