The Benefits of Using an ELD for Your Fleet

Are you using electronic logging devices (ELDs) only so that you can become compliant? Make sure that you understand their other benefits as well.

For many industries, it’s a requirement that fleet vehicles use an electronic logging device (ELD). However, using them not only keeps you compliant but also offers a range of other benefits as well that can improve your business and increase profits.

Here are the top benefits of using an ELD for your fleet.

Increase Safety

On top of meeting compliance standards, ELD can also help to increase safety. ELDs prevent 562 injuries and save 26 lives every year.

ELDs improve safety in several ways. An ELD will include various features including route management systems, GPS tracking, and the ability to generate fault codes.

These features and the enhanced tracking of a vehicle and a driver’s bad habits help to encourage safety and prevent reckless driving.

Improve Tracking

Another benefit of ELD devices is that they offer improved tracking capabilities.

Using an ELD can help you to easily keep track of a vehicle, its routes, and the driver’s behavior. You’ll improve route management and planning capabilities and will also be able to monitor the health and condition of vehicles. You can manage inspection reports, use custom inspection forms, and get real-time alerts.

You can also easily track driver behavior and can watch out for recklessness or bad driving. ELDs can help identify things such as high acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, and more. This improved tracking can help you to identify drivers that are high risk and can help you take steps to resolve the issue.

An ELD can offer improved insight in other ways as well. Be sure to click for more info about what an FMCSA-certified ELD solution can do for you.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

One of the important things that using an ELD can do is that it can help to lower insurance premiums. You can often get discounts on insurance premiums because you have ELDs since they’re known to improve safety.

With an ELD solution, you can also monitor drivers. This can help you improve driver safety and prevent risky behavior.

You can also provide data to insurance providers that can help determine risk and can use it to improve Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores as well.

Increase Profits

In addition to helping you save money on insurance premiums, ELDs can also help to increase profits and reduce waste. The increased productivity and improved monitoring of drivers and vehicles allow for more efficiency and productivity. You’ll reduce instances of drivers idling around.

In addition to this, you’ll minimize fuel waste. You’ll be able to better manage routes and will ensure that the best paths are taken.

Calculate IFTA Automatically

ELDs can also allow you to simplify IFTA calculations.

Manual IFTA filing can be difficult and can require significant resources and costs. It can also be easy to make errors.

ELDs allow you to completely automate the process of IFTA calculation and can save a lot of labor and costs, reducing your overall burden.

Understanding the Advantages of Using an ELD For Your Fleet

If you want to manage your fleet effectively, using an ELD can help. While ELDs are important for meeting compliance standards, they offer plenty of additional benefits as well such as improved safety and advanced monitoring.

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