Text Mail Subscriber Scam – the Truth behind!

Text Mail Subscriber is a user who deliberately requests to receive text messages from various organizations such as banks and other informative subscriptions. This may help him discover different services offered and know about his current subscription status by the subscribed organization. 

Now you know what a text mail subscriber is, Let’s look at its dark side, i.eText Mail Subscriber Scam. 

Is Text Mail Subscriber Scam?

Although text mail is an excellent service, we can not ignore the fact that many people are looking to use this feature to pursue some malicious activities. But how so? Well, listed below are some of the ways they follow to meet their evil thoughts:

Attractive Offers: They come up with unbelievable offers so that they catch your eyes and let you fall as a prey for them.

Hoax Policies: You would have received a message from any of your subscribed organizations about the change in policies, but when you go through its details and contact the company, you find nothing. Well, this is a scam. By this method, they can grab various types of personal information which you are ought not to share with anyone.

URL Message: In these kinds of messages, the scammers add a web link, and the moment you click or tap on the link, it will redirect you to a web page. Now, this web page/ URL has the potency to penetrate your privacy by hacking into your devices and grabbing all the pivotal information.

How to prevent falling into the pit of being duped by Text Mail Scammers?

We all have heard of an old saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” Keep this quote in mind while you are dealing with text mails. Instead of crying over the aftermath of losing to a text mail scammer, it is always better to be prepared to identify this threat.

The following are some of the best and helpful guidelines you must follow to comprehend the genuine nature of a text mail-

Uneven and unusually more extended numbers

Generally, all the genuine text mails come from the house of phone numbers commonly used by the companies. But suppose you notice something about the phone number that you are getting text mails from. In that case, you should understand at that particular moment that there is something fishy that is cooking.

Check spelling errors

When you receive a mail from a reputed company, it automatically becomes their responsibility to make sure that there are no grammatical or typographical errors left behind in the message or whatsoever being sent to their subscribers.

However, when you receive a text mail from a scammer, you will know that there are several grammatical mistakes and the jumbled alphabets. This observation obviously rules out the chance of it is coming from a genuine source. 

Over the top amount of money/ price amount

It is a matter of common sense that no company or organization is going to give away any freebies and huge lumps of money to anyone. So if you get a message which says that you have won an ‘XYZ’ amount of money, it is a clear shot that someone is out in a hunt to scam you. 

Scammed! Now, what next?

So you, too, like many others, unfortunately, fell into the trap of one of those scammers. Now the fastest instinct that you must perform are as follows: 

  • The major task to perform is to block the sender’s number so that he cannot access more of your information.
  • The second and most important task you have to do is contact your banking institution and ask them to block your account temporarily to prevent any loss of money.
  • You also need to change all your important social media or digital accounts’ passwords because your privacy will be at a huge risk.     

Closure | Text Mail Subscriber Scam

You are supposed to be careful and aware, but if you face such situations of Text mail subscriber scam, just keep your cool and follow the instructions mentioned here. 

In case of any queries or suggestions, feel free to write in the comment section. 

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