Technology to Turn One-time Students into Lifelong Students

AI is Disrupting Education

Artificial Intelligence is an issue generating a significant amount of coverage and discussion. Many experts are comparing it to the invention of electricity in the 1800s. How is this new discipline already disrupting everything – including our approach to work? Its impact is bound to reverberate in interesting and unexpected ways.

As Artificial Intelligence will be putting millions out of the job market, it becomes crucial to train these millions of workers to the needs of tomorrow’s job market. This fact creates huge opportunities for post-secondary education institutions and major corporations to retrain/re-educate

Large Swaths of people.

“You wouldn’t train people to run faster than cars. So why would you train them to think faster than A.I. algorithms? Instead, let’s identify what are the skills of tomorrow. What industries, and disciplines will be flourishing in 5 to 10 years?And more importantly, what are the opportunities for large corporations and educational institutions? ” Asks Carrie Purcell, Head of Strategy & Partnerships at TechA daptiKa.

Educational institutions will have to prove themselves more flexible than ever to absorb an unprecedented number of individuals interested in micro-credentials. Major corporations will have to create their own “college type” institutions “in-house” to retrain their recently laid off workers. Governments will have to allocate large budgets to this new, yet crucial need.

Tech-Adaptika helps schools and universities better transition the disruption caused by Artificial Intelligence.

An innovative solutions

The rise of artificial intelligence and automation is creating immense demand for professional development and retraining. More than ever, professionals must go back to school or get retrained by their employer. Today, the biggest barrier of online learning is isolation. If not carefully designed, an online program could lead to a lack of engagement and high drop-out rates.

“Tech Adaptika’s solution is facilitating many online courses at Stanford University, it has been exposed to what makes an online program valuable, engaging, and inclusive. To design the right online program, the right hosting platform becomes crucial.

The startup has created A Learning Management System combined with a Virtual Campus.” Says Hosni Zaouali, Innovation Ecosystem Expert and CEO at Tech Adaptika.

A Learning Management System (LMS) combined with a Virtual Campus 

Students get exclusive access to your courses, private virtual campus, live classes, lectures and events during your course and for 6 months after course completion plus users get lifetime access to the Open Virtual Campus. Join the community anytime, meet up with classmates, attend events, join info sessions, and love learning.

Learners can join an immersive online world, connect with their peers, trainers and professors in real-time, offering synchronous and asynchronous learning. The Learning Management system connects members to a lifelong community of global learners.

Students add connections, collaborations and a little play to their training and learning with live sessions, virtual classes, hands-on work simulation, private meetings… in motivating game environment. At any time, learners can return to the course content, videos, lessons, assignments, all while being connected to the campus, never missing out on live interactions.

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