Smart Home Essentials for the Average American Household

Having a safe and secure environment for your home is essential for each individual, both for the well-being of their family and themselves. Smart technology is now becoming a norm; from smart home security devices with voice-activated control, to smoke alarm devices that give you a sense of peace while you are at home, and when you are away from home too. It creates an added sense of safety when you have children at home, a second home across the country or if you travel on the frequent.

We have listed down a few smart home devices that should become an essential for any home across the United States. Given the way lifestyles are changing and technology too, these devices are bound to become common finds in the average American household.

1. Smoke Detectors

Although a standard smoke detector device does exist, they don’t necessarily provide the coverage or sense of safety that most homes require today. Smart Smoke detectors not only alert you quicker than traditional wired smoke detectors, but they also provide you with the ability to receive real-time alerts directly to your smartphones, as well as alert the related fire department authorities.

With the Google Nest Protect, users can simply hush a false alarm directly through their smart devices, without having to manually do it yourself. It also has the ability to detect whether it’s a fast-burning fire or a smoldering one and thus alert the user accordingly.

Traditionally, smoke detectors were placed in kitchens above the stove, since most house fires start from cooking malfunctions, but they have a limited range of detection. Nowadays users don’t necessarily have to restrict themselves when deciding where to place smoke detectors due to a larger coverage of the area thanks to smart smoke detectors.

Standard smoke detectors are also no longer considered an alternative due to their limitations, such as being triggered by a hot pan or constantly beeping to alert the user that they require new batteries. With smart smoke detectors like the Google Nest Protect, alerts are sent directly to your mobile devices, to warn of any potential danger including gas leaks like Carbon Monoxide.

Smart smoke detectors can be paired with other smart devices like voice assistants, and they enable the user to become aware of what is happening in their surroundings. So if there is a potential danger, alerts are sent to your smartphones as well as through the voice assistant devices that can notify instantly too.

2. Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats are becoming increasingly common to find in the average American household, just like other smart home devices. Smart Thermostats such as the Google Nest Thermostat help in saving energy and shows a significant reduction in your bills over time. With remote and wireless access you don’t have to walk up to the thermostat in order to change the temperature – just do it from your smartphone! It’s also compatible with smart speakers that enable voice-activated control, so you can set the temperature from whichever room you’re in by just saying ‘Hey Google’.

Additionally, the Nest Thermostat can adjust its temperature automatically by either turning itself down or switching to an eco-friendly mode while you’re away, and you can even set schedules for the device to function accordingly. It also supports HVAC systems, so any heating and cooling issues that are detected are notified directly to your smartphone. Other than alerts, you can view your Energy History and Home Report from the mobile app as well; it helps you stay informed about your energy costs, and how to save up during the cold winter months when additional heating is required.

3. Smart Locks

As the world moves towards smart devices, door locks are being manufactured to be smart as well! From a wide range of existing varieties such as fingerprint unlocking, keypad unlocking with a passcode as well as automatic unlocking, they all come with a sleek design and are accessible from your smartphone and other compatible smart home devices.

If you’re already utilizing any smart home devices, getting a smart lock would be a wise decision. The hassle of using keys is minimized as well as the added requirement of having key copies or entrusting anybody with them too while you’re out of town. With smartphone access to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, get notifications whenever your door has been unlocked so you can keep track of movement in and out of your home while you’re away.

Some locks feature fingerprint unlocking as well as voice commands to unlock doors. Moreover, some devices facilitate the user to auto-lock and unlock the doors by using the location of their smartphones, or by scanning their device at the smart door lock. Temporary access to individuals visiting your house can also be provided by configuring their fingerprints and smartphone devices, as well as setting up permanent and temporary pin codes that have specific start and end times. You can also unlock the door for them from wherever you are if you would prefer to keep your security codes private.

Parting Thoughts

When we say these are smart home essentials for any American household, it’s true. There rarely ever is a household where you wouldn’t find a smoke detector or a thermostat for central cooling and heating. And with the average person being out of their home for half the day, whether it is for school, work or any errands for that matter, home security is a top priority – that is why smart door locks are a great option.

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