Showcase Your Collectibles: How to Store and Display Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small, tangible objects that tell a story. They’re more than the sum of their parts—signifying a history, an affiliation, a camaraderie. Challenge coins represent all these things and more.

What started as a humble military tradition quickly became a fun and mysterious ritual. There were secret handshakes involved (sometimes). Challenge coins became a fun way to communicate, impress, illuminate.

Because of the sentimental value—among other things—protecting your challenge coins is crucial. If you’re wondering how to safely store or proudly (and smartly) display your collection, keep reading. We offer tips for maintaining the value of your coins below.

How to Store Challenge Coins

Challenge coins should get stored in much the same way as a regular coin collection. When storing valuable challenge coins, you’ll want to consider similar factors—like humidity levels or the temperature of the room.

Humidity is arguably one of the most important things to consider when storing your coins. Avoid wet or damp spaces, like basements, for storage. Similarly, the more neutral the temperature the better (although both hot and cold weather has small effects).

When storing your coins, avoid mishandling. The oils from our skin can actually cause damage to a coin over time. When handling coins, keep this in mind—even wearing gloves if that makes sense for you.

Coins can be stored in any of the following options we discuss for displaying! Let’s continue.

How to Display Challenge Coins

Coins like Army challenge coins are worth displaying. Each one is unique, from the design, to the edge, to the color. When you thoughtfully display your challenge coins, it can make your collection even more curated, personal, and intentional.

First, there are several ways of organizing your collection. You might order them chronologically, by material (copper, brass, gold, etc.), by organization. Choose something that makes sense to you.

Next, consider how you want to display your collection. Do you want it to be on display in your living or bedroom, or would you prefer to have it in a binder to show people on a case-by-case basis?

If you’d like it hanging on the wall, challenge coin cases are a great option. If you prefer having a binder to hold, there are several versions available that come with rings for clear plastic sleeves—which you would slip the coins into. Both are good solutions depending on your wants.

Finally, there are options such as cabinets, boxes, and other display cases. What you choose depends on the size of your collection; how you’d like to organize it; where you’d like it stored and displayed; and other personal factors.

Proud Challenge Coin Owner

Now, you’ll never again have to wonder: “Where should I store my challenge coins?” You’re an informed collector!

With this helpful guide, your collection will stay preserved whether you choose to display it or not. We keep delicacy in mind—just like you—as we consider the care and keeping of something as important as an honored coin. Their story is worth protecting.

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