Rapidly Growing Los Angeles Tech Companies

When people think of California tech, their first thought is usually Silicon Valley. However, Los Angeles has its own thriving tech community, which is often called “Silicon Beach,” due to its proximity to Los Angeles’s many beautiful beaches. 

While the LA tech world is often called Silicon Beach, LA’s leading tech companies aren’t only based in beach cities. There are rapidly growing tech companies located across the greater Los Angeles area, from Manhattan Beach to Glendale. 

In addition to spanning the map of Los Angeles, LA tech spans across a number of different business sectors. While, of course, the city of angels has many tech companies that focus on developments in fashion and entertainment, there are also LA tech companies developing for the medical, business, and aerospace fields, and so much more. This diverse accomplishment hasn’t gone unnoticed in the business world— a record 17 Los Angeles-based companies made the cut this year on digital publication Fast Company’s most innovative companies list.

The thriving economy of Los Angeles has made it a hotspot for tech companies, many of which are growing at an incredible rate. To shine on a spotlight on LA’s best tech, let’s take a look at some local companies that are leading the pack in tech development and growth. 

Service Titan 

Based In: Glendale, CA

Service Titan is a Glendale-based software company that has been growing at an impressive rate. The company’s all-in-one business management software, which was designed to streamline and maximize the operations of home service businesses, has proved massively popular with small business owners. The company recently got an $80 million Series B in their 8th year of business and has also had rapid employment growth. While the company started as just two brothers seeking to help their father’s contracting business thrive, they now boast almost 300 hundred employees, with plans to continue their employee growth in the coming years. 


Based In: Los Angeles, CA

RockHer is a Los Angeles-based luxury jeweler that has developed some groundbreaking tech. While the engagement and wedding focused jeweler creates handcrafted jewelry in their LA studio, their business is focused on e-commerce. The company’s e-commerce website features their widely celebrated flagship tech development, ROSI. 

ROSI, which an acronym for Rational Octahedron Selection Intelligence, blends of an algorithm and AI that functions as a digital gemologist. This innovative piece of tech helps RockHer’s customers easily navigate the process of buying a diamond online, analyzing more than 30 aspects of every diamond before providing customers with the best diamond for their budget. ROSI has helped RockHer find its footing in the competitive online jewelry sector, allowing the company to make a big impact in its mere two years in business. 

Patient Pop 

Based In: Santa Monica, CA 

Patient Pop is a Santa Monica-based marketing tech startup that provides marketing services for medical practices. They help medical practices improve their online presence, attract more customers, retain more customers, and also offer software that allows medical practices to modernize their patient experience. The company’s marketing efforts have helped many medical practices grow, which has led to the company’s own growth. Patient Pop has had rapid hiring growth since their start in 2014 and has grown to almost 400 employees as of 2018. 


Based In: Los Angeles, CA 

Since HauteLook merged with Nordstrom in 2011, the company has had an astounding level of growth. HauteLook, which is an e-commerce fashion retailer with a flash-sale business model, has proved very popular among millennials, which has helped HauteLook’s partner Nordstrom continue their success into the internet era. HauteLook’s highly successful business model has helped them become one of the top e-commerce retailers in the world. In 2017 alone, the retail giant added more than 1,200 new employees, and they show signs of growing even more in 2018. 


Based In: Playa Vista, CA 

ChowNow is a software-focused company that develops software for the restaurant industry. They create software that helps restaurants reach their customers, offering them tools such as online ordering systems, customer insights, and management tools. While ChowNow has been thriving since their inception in 2012, their growth has been further enhanced by their 2016 partnerships with UberRUSH and Postmates, which has allowed them to offer delivery services. And in 2018, they showed their continued commitment to restaurant ordering innovation when they launched a feature that allows customers to order directly from a restaurant’s Instagram. 

Future Tech Growth in Los Angeles 

These companies are only a few of the many tech companies bringing innovation and economic growth to the city of Los Angeles. While it can be hard to measure the exact growth of any city’s tech sector, investment capital records seem to indicate that LA’s tech is thriving. In 2017 alone, tech companies across LA and Orange County raised almost $7 billion in total. If this kind of investment continues flow.

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