Purchasing Huawei Watch is the Best thing that happened to me

Purchasing Huawei Watch is the Best thing that happened to me

Welcome to another Huawei blurb, after falling in love with Android wear on my motto 360 unfortunately just wasn’t giving me the best experience due to its deteriorating battery life and hardware slowdowns so I hopped on the web and did some research I found a good deal for Huawei watches which are highly recommended by the way if you’re looking for a discount to buy watch and I’ve never looked back I’m ruined this is my review of the Hawaii watch – this is the successor to the extremely popular who are we watch one but you wouldn’t think it Hawaii watch one was one of the best-looking Smart watches available with a very clean and classy look.




It was what a smile watch should be in my opinion with nothing but a big round screen and classy metal body compelling the customer to buy watch. It’s still very much a good watch today but they’re being supported up to Andrea we’re 2.0 and having very good specs for a great price used but going back to the while we watched twos design it seems they have gone for a slightly different approach design-wise it’s something you either love or you hate personally being a sporty person myself I quite like the design of the watch the variability is not quite as good as the first while we watch since it’s mostly plastic and does look a little cheaper however the design is very ergonomic and a watch feels extremely well made.




There are two buttons on this watch both of which are tactile and clicky not like some terrible mushy ones you get on other watches the top button launches the app drawer and the bottom one is a programmable one to launch any app you choose the materials are very sturdy and the ceramic dial on the front while it might look ugly to some as a certain flair to the watch but sadly it doesn’t rotate like the gear 3.




That bezel does look quite large and give the impression that the screen is sunken far into the body however upon seeing a watch in person the bezel is only a millimeter or two raised it does mean that the screen will be more protected from bumps and scratches to the screen size of this watch originally put me off buying it measuring in at only one point two inches however after using it I found it not to be a problem and I’m able to easily navigate in use of watch I can also see the screen well enough in bright sunlight the only downside to the small screen is that when using Google Maps and navigate on the watch the directions take up most of the screen so it’s hard to see the map without list my only gripe.




The resolution is stunning and coupled with the AMOLED screen. It has to be one of the best displays on a Smartwatch I’ve seen tilt awake seem very slow though and disappointed me somewhat there’s an always-on display function however that doesn’t eat too much into the battery thanks to the OLED screen the occluded band is silicon and after seeing other reviews mention how bad the quality of it was I can’t see any issues of mine you should buy watch of this finest quality it’s light and flexible with a metal buckle and most importantly it’s comfortable.

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