Pre-Delivery Preparations: What to Buy Before the Arrival of Your Newborn?

Pregnancy brings loads of confusion and concern. But as the pregnancy comes to an end, a new thought surrounds a new mom’s mind, and she wonders whether or not she has everything and what are those many things that are needed to be bought before the baby arrives. New moms should make a list of every needed item from clothes to baby cots and baby strollers. You don’t want to buy an item that will be used only once and then tossed out, but you don’t want to leave anything on chance and then go on a shopping run with a newborn.

Like most new moms, you may already have bought a lot of items. However, the belief in preparedness provides an ease to the mom. To provide you a sense of comfort, we have created a list of everything you might need before the baby arrives.

  1. Baby’s Clothing

Baby’s clothing available on the market is very cute and attractive. But unless it is a special occasion, try to avoid fancy clothes because babies feel more comfortable in practical and soft clothes. Before the baby’s arrival, try to shop for at least a week or two weeks’ worth of clothes because you won’t get the chance to do laundry anytime soon. There are few baby clothing items you should buy: 

  • Onesies 
  • Socks 
  • Pants and shorts
  • Sweaters 
  • Burp cloths
  • Wrapping cloths
  1. Baby Stroller

This might sound like spending a lot of money before the arrival of the baby, but it is a one-time investment for your future babies. Strollers allow you to easily move your infant without carrying them. You can take your baby for a stroll in the park without worries. Multifunctional strollers like the Wonderfold stroller wagon have space for more than one passenger, so you can carry your children easily. 

  1. Breast Pumps 

Breast pumps are a necessity and a lot of help for new moms. Even if you have a good milk supply and decide to feed entirely, buying breast pumps gives you a choice to hand over your newborn to someone else. Pumping also helps in stimulating and increasing the supply of breast milk. Breast pumps are also a lifesaver if you are someone whose milk supply is excessive; you can store milk for later use. 

  1. Baby Monitor

After the birth of a child, your baby monitor is more likely to become your new best friend. In most cases, baby monitors and moms become inseparable because, with their help, you can easily monitor your child without the fear of waking him up. It is an essential item, and you can add it to the registry as well so your loved one can give it to you as a gift. Baby monitors also let you keep an eye on your baby if you are busy in the kitchen or trying to take a nap. 

  1. Baby’s Nursing Items 

Nursing items are quite essential and should be brought before the delivery of your baby. These items can be customized and bought depending on whether you have decided to breastfeed or formula-feed your baby. Some of the nursing items you need to buy are: 

  • Nursing bras
  • Comfortable nursing nightwear
  • Nipple creams
  • Breast pads
  • Baby Bottle Sterilizers 
  • Nursing Pillows 
  • Muslin Bibs 
  1. Baby’s Swaddles 

Baby swaddles are the baby’s ultimate comfort wear. These swaddles will help your baby to feel nice and snuggly, just like they felt in your womb. You can buy ready-made swaddles that have a zipper so you can easily snuggle your baby in the swaddle. 

  1. Baby’s Crib 

A Baby’s crib or bassinet is the most essential item. You’ll need to install, construct, or practice using your baby’s crib well before your infant arrives. This isn’t something you want to put off until after the baby arrives because putting it together can take a long time. Plus, once you’ve brought your kid home, he’ll need a safe place to sleep.

  1. Baby’s Diapers

Diapers are another baby essential that you should buy before your baby arrives. But don’t go out and buy many boxes just yet. You may discover that your child requires a specific size, outgrows one rapidly, or does not respond to a particular brand. So instead, limit yourself to one newborn box for the time being. However, if you come across any diaper sale, stock up and save the receipt taped to the boxes in case you need to return or exchange them. 

  1. Changing Table and Dresser

Most parents spend their money buying a separate changing table and a dresser, but we suggest you buy one with both options. The changing table is not a must-have but is very important if you want to save yourself from back pain. 

  1. Other Essential Baby Items 

Some other essential baby items are: 

  • Crib mattress 
  • Wipes
  • Darkening Curtains 
  • Receiving Blankets 
  • Wipes 
  • Diaper Cream 
  • Medicines 
  • Baby Carrier 
  • Milk Bottles 
  • Wash Cloth 
  • Bath Towels 
  • Formula Milk 

The EndNote

The arrival of a newborn brings a lot of excitement and anxiety for the parents. In these confusing times, something as trivial as a checklist of baby items can give a sense of purpose and something to look forward to. We hope this shopping list helps you in buying stuff for your newborn.

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