‘Pokémon Go’ will stop working on old Android and iOS devices in October

An upcoming Pokémon Go update for October could mean you won’t be able to access the game anymore if you’re using an older iPhone or Android device. Niantic has announced that the game will stop supporting devices running Android 5, iOS 10 and iOS 11. For Apple owners, in particular, the game will no longer work on the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 even if you install iOS 12 on it.

The developer didn’t explain why it’s cutting off the old mobile platforms and phones, but there could be an element in future updates that would prevent the game from running on older devices. As 9to5Mac notes, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that’s more technically demanding than non-AR titles. Whatever Niantic’s reason is, it says you won’t be able to access the game, your items or your PokeCoins when the update rolls out in mid-October if you’re using one of the aforementioned platforms and phones. And the company won’t provide support for technical issues if you find a way to keep the game running without upgrading devices or mobile OS.

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