PC Power Up: Best Site for PC Assembling for Gaming

Many streamers, traders, and professional gamers choose to build their own computers. Building a gaming PC is a rewarding experience with many benefits. You decide on which component you are willing to spend more money. In most cases, it makes sense to buy a more powerful video card and save on storage.

You can also choose a less powerful processor, because in games the main load is assigned to the graphics adapter. A good build of a gaming PC must have a consistent look and feel. You can choose any of your preference from PC Power Up site.


The least amount of memory for a gaming PC is 8 GB. True, now some games manage to occupy more, and it is better to increase the recommended volume to 16 GB. Moreover, it is better to distribute this volume between several planks. If the number of slots on the motherboard allows, it is better to install 4 RAM modules of 4 GB than one of 16. If there are two slots, choose a set of two 8 GB RAM.

Hard Drives:-

The hard disk drive HDD can be recommended for gamers who are collecting the configuration of the initial or intermediate level, as well as for people who play several games at the same time and need a lot of storage space. It is also a good solution when you are on a tight budget.

Since the price of hard drives is incomparably lower than that of solid-state drives, in this case a simple rule works the more, the better. The higher the spindle speed, the larger will be the buffer. And of course, more capacity doesn’t skimp on terabytes.

How to Choose a Power Supply for Your Gaming Computer?

There are two critical parameters power supply unit power and energy efficiency, which is determined by the level of certification of each specific model.

An efficiency rating measures how efficiently your appliance manages power. The higher the efficiency, the less power is consumed and the less heat is generated. For gaming PCs, models with 80 Plus Gold, 80 Plus Platinum, 80 Plus Titanium certifications are perfect. With regard to power, you need to focus on the individual assembly parameters:

  • As a rule, for modest gaming PCs, a power supply unit of 500 W is enough.
  • For mid-level computers 650-750 W.
  • For top-end assemblies, configurations with several video cards, 1200 W or more will be required.


The diagonal of a gaming monitor, as a rule, does not exceed 27 inches, the optimal size can be called 24 ” such a diagonal will allow you to keep in sight all the necessary elements, while open maps and locations will quite fit on the screen. True, fans of the battle royale genre should pay attention to ultra-wide monitors with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 and a really large diagonal 32, 34 inches or more. The high refresh rate and fast response covers all the shortcomings in terms of narrow viewing angles and color rendering.

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