My Wife is a Demon Queen – A Manga

My Wife is a Demon Queen is one of the most popular and interesting manga series. A manga series is referred to as graphic and anime novels, or series originated in Japan. 

In the case of “My Wife is a Demon Queen manga,” it is a Japanese graphic novel of the supernatural genre, written by authors DW and Rong Rong.


Isabella Osa

Apart from the supernatural aspect of the novel, there are many genres involved in the long-lasting novel series – mainly are webtoon, action, adventure, romance, fantasy, magic, thrill, and much more. We also see a glimpse of Japanese-originated genres like isekai and manhua. 

Isekai refers to the science-fiction concept of “other dimension” or “other world.” Mainly in Japanese manga or anime series – such as My Wife is a Demon Queen raw – isekai is considered an accidental travel or birth into another world or parallel universe. 

Another unique genre of manhua found in My Wife is a Demon Queen novel means impromptu literary sketches, an integral part of graphic novels. Manhua has been a type of art for many centuries and is still adapted in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean graphic series. 


The plot of My Wife is a Demon Queen manga revolves around the protagonist named Xiang Ye. One day, Xiang Ye wakes up in another world – to his shock. Then he learns that he was summoned by the Queen of Demons to become the elected one who is supposed to save the people from the army of demons. 

Simultaneously, the Palace of Demons gets attacked by other – rival – the force of demons to bring down the queen: Isabella Osa.

As the story unfolds, Isabella Osa and Xiang Ye become the heroic main couple who carry the weight of saving the world on their shoulders.

Main Characters

Apart from the main characters – Xiang Ye and Isabella Osa – “My Wife is a Demon Queen” light novel has a variety of versatile and diverse characters that keep the reader interested throughout the whole series. 

  1. Xiang Ye

The main protagonist, Xiang Ye, graduated from his college at the age of 14, and he was traveling back home when he was summoned to another world by Isabella Osa, the Demon Queen. Xiang Ye has a medium built with sparkly purple eyes and brown hair.

Xiang Ye

 He is considered intelligent by all of his friends and family. Although he is confident, arrogance keeps away from him. And in another world, he is a mighty warrior and a fiercely loyal husband to his wife.

  1. Isabella Osa

Isabella Osa is a deuteragonist of the story, and a title-holder of My Wife is a Demon Queen light novel, a former demon queen, and a wife to Xiang Ye. She was betrayed by one of her servants during her reign and lost all her supernatural powers. 

At the start of the story, Isabella is living among humans in the Royal Academy, where she is learning the art of magic and swordsmanship under the alias of Yei Bi.

Isabella is a headstrong, power-driven woman. At the start of the story, her trust for humans is not favoring, and she treats Xiang Ye as a burden. However, as the story unfolds, we see Isabella being warmed and full of feelings.

  1. Alex “Eli” Ayr

Alex, also known as Eli, is one of the major characters in the story and a top member of the class at the Royal Academy. He is very close friends with the protagonist and is often seen alongside Xiang Ye, Tols Penny, and Isabella.

Alex is a short-tempered man who barely thinks about the consequences of his actions. He is confident but has a lot of room for improvement. He respects his master Mike Yaso, and other students of his class.

This character is described as a muscular, young, and handsome fellow with black-blueish hair. He always wears his open vest and signature red scarf. His hand-wrappings and combat pants make him look like a goon.

  1. Tols Penny 

Tols Penny is one of the Royal Academy members, and she belongs to one of the royal families.  She is enrolled in archery class and was first introduced in the very first chapter alongside Xiang Ye, Isabella Osa, and Alex Ayr. 

The audience does not get to see much of her character, and also do not know if she has a Dragon Form – like her siblings. Tols Penny is a character who has issues with her brothers but seemingly gets along with her father, who prefers her over his sons. 

Penny is not much of an emotional character, but she once revealed her dynamic and exciting self during the battle.

  1. Tols Rennes

Tols Rennes is a student at the Royal Academy and a member of the royal family. He was revealed to be the main antagonist of the Tournament Arc. He is very powerful and was favorite to win the tournament, but in the end, he lost to Xiang Ye. 

Tols Rennes has a negative personality – overconfident and self-centered. He projects himself as someone compassionate, but being the prince, he looks down on those who have little power. He has made multiple advances towards Isabella but never succeeded. 

Chapters and Critical Response

According to My Wife is a Demon Queen wiki, the manga was first published at the start of 2018. In the 1st chapter, very few of the main characters were introduced, but the readers acclaimed the series very well, and the response was overwhelming enough for the artists and writers to continue the manga. 

The manga is currently on the on-going status, and to date, 219 chapters have been issues of My Wife is a Demon Queen raw – with the latest one released on 1st September 2020. Fans are expecting another chapter in a few days. 

As per My Wife is a Demon Queen wiki, one of the most important and highest-rated chapters of the manga is My Wife is a Demon Queen Chapter 95. Some of the crucial plot-revealing twists and turns were displayed in My Wife is a Demon Queen 95

The series is written by DW and Rong Rong, and the artist is unknown. The average rating of the graphic series is 44 out of 5. My Wife is a Demon Queen manga has managed to get over 3.7 million views, and it is currently ranked 23rd among Japanese manga series. 

The series is perfect for the fans of manga series and graphic/anime novels.

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