Moobot – Your Twitch Bot

Moobot is one of the most-used Twitch bots and offers a different variety of features to make your Twitching experience easier and more enjoyable. Twitch – as we all know – is a video live streaming Platform created and operated by the subsidiary of the world’s renowned brand Amazon. 

Twitch emerged on the internet in June 2011 as a spin-off platform of streaming site Twitch focuses on the live streaming of video games; it is its primary industry and creates an audience for e-sports competition worldwide. 

Besides gaming streams, Twitch has recently become a hub for ‘in real-life’ streams, and the content can be viewed either on live videos or later on-demand.

The popularity of Twitch has attracted an audience from around the globe. According to the report of 2017, Twitch was the most extensive gaming streaming service in the US, having a prominent advantage over YouTube. 

When the company goes as high as this, manufacturers don’t think about stopping. And Twitch producers are no different. Site-owners have been providing the user with constant time-to-time upgrades and features in a more enhanced manner. 

One of the best features that we have witnessed in all social platforms – including Twitch – is bots. Bots are enhanced A.I virtual robots that allow you to interact with the application and get your settings/work done in a short time. Bots help you have more accessibility and adjustability, giving you a helping hand in accessing the site’s features.

A recent and most unique bot of the Twitch is Moobot.


If you ask yourself how to get verified on Twitch, we have one of the best twitch mods for you. Twitch Moobot allows you to have a friendly, interactive, and loyal community on Twitch. It is effortless to use and free from all the complications. You don’t have to pay for it, register for it, or download it. Just connect to the Twitch and use it for free. 

A significant feature of this bot is that it comes free. There is no payment required by Moobot, the dashboard, or the Twitch app. Once you have connected to Twitch, you can sign up on the Moobot using your Twitch account. Moobot doesn’t require any password – no complications – and it takes not more than 6 seconds to connect you to the interactive community of the Twitch. 

You can manage Moobot directly from your Twitch dashboard, no need to download any external application or software.

Why Use A Twitch Bot?

Similar to the Scottybot, a premier chatbot of Mixer application – a gaming streaming service similar to Twitch – Moobot allows easy access to everything. Scottybot is the everything’s bot for Mixer, similar Twitch mod of Moobot, and Scottybot commands are nearly same as Moobot commands. 

Despite the similarity, there are some unique functions Moobot allows you to have access to, and these functions make your Twitch experience worthwhile. Here are the reasons why you should use a Twitch sub bot named Moobot. 

  1. Increased Engagement from Audience

Using this one of the Twitch mods can increase engagement from the audience – your Twitch subscribers, followers, and viewers. When the engagement is increased, you have a real chance to become a successful and one of the prominent Twitch streamers. 

It encourages people on Twitch to view your content. After all, encouragement leads to more Twitch subscribers, followers, therefore, more engagement. 

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Moobot helps you eliminate unnecessary distractions on the platform – it keeps you concentrated on your numbers. 

Moobot regulates and auto-executes a lot of stressful tasks for you – a few complications – so you can focus on the most important thing: creating the best entertainment, creative content, and engaging the audience with your streams.

Moobot does its work, and you do yours.

  1. Get Your Desired Community

How often do you feel that people who view your content are not the type of people you want? It seems absurd, but it’s true. Sometimes, the streamer gets down because only one-time viewers or occasional followers are viewing your content. You are not getting fit in the vast party that you prefer, your desired community.

But Moobot efficiently solves this problem. Moobot helps you get your desired Twitch community. This sub bot can remove unwanted behaviors from your viewers – spam comments, offensive contents – and rewards you the audience that you desire.

If you want to build the exact community that you wish to, you have got to use this Twitch bot.

What Makes Moobot Unique?

It is established that Moobot is very unique, popular, and desirable among Twitch streamers. But why? Here is why:

  1. Trust

Moobot does not welcome spam and reportable content. This Twitch bot will not work well for any fake account and copyrighted streaming. Therefore, it has maintained its trust with the right kind of audience.

The Twitch community has put their faith and trust in Moobot for more than 12 years of its brilliant success, and they will never regret it.

  1. Adjustable

This sub bot is not cranky or complicated; it is fully adjustable according to your needs and desires. You don’t need to continually ask yourself how to get verified on Twitch, because Moobot will lead you to that answer. It helps strengthen your community – your backbone – on Twitch, which eventually leads to verification.

  1. Always Active

Unlike other breaky mods, Moobot is a perfect host. It stores all your bot-info in the cloud servers. It’s always there with easy accessibility. With this Twitch bot, you don’t have to worry about technical issues or breakdowns. Moobot has your back without any downtime, being always active.

What Does Moobot Give You?

A lot of things. Moobot eases your Twitch experience and makes it more enjoyable in the following ways:

  1. Have a Twitch chat and receive direct Twitch alerts
  2. Listen to song requests from viewers – it increases loyalty.
  3. Schedule posts in Twitch chat
  4. Run your giveaways – your viewers can take part in it directly from the chat
  5. Conduct interactive community polls – Twitch Moobot gives your Twitch subscribers additional votes for encouragement.
  6. Moobot can take care of all the tech-savvy settings and “behind the scenes” management during your live stream.
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