Meeting Online Is The Future – Here Is How You Can Create A Profile

While the year 2020 has had a negative impact on many aspects of life, matrimonial sites have witnessed a surge in interactions and registrations. Spending time confined in their homes has made Indians realise the importance of having a companion. They are turning to online matchmaking websites for someone to share their live experiences with.  We know this is true because leading Indian matchmaking websites said that they witnessed at least a 30% increase in profile acquisitions and interaction between existing members and 20% new customer registrations, since the lockdown.

Couples are connecting on matrimonial sites more than ever and tying the knot. You can find your perfect match too this way. But to make that happen, you must create an interesting profile.

Here Are A Few Steps You Can Follow: 

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

A profile picture is a way for you to create a great first impression. It enhances your profile and can get you more responses. Uploading your pictures will give the other person a glimpse into your personality and what you really look like. Look for a recent and attractive picture to put on. Ensure that the photo is bright so that your face is clearly visible.

A Descriptive Bio 

Your bio is like saying hello to someone and inviting them to connect with you. Use this section to give an introduction about yourself. Mention something about what you’re looking for in your partner, your likes and dislikes, and your beliefs. You can also add a little about your family background, your goals and your expectations.. 

Be Truthful On Your Profile 

Everything you fill into your bio must be true and not made up just to make your profile look better. Do not compromise on the authenticity of your profile. Honesty is the best policy. 

Typos Are A No-No

Make sure that you do not make any grammar mistakes. Getting even a single letter wrong can lead to hilarious results often. Plus, it will reduce the credibility of your profile. So ensure that you have rechecked everything on your profile before you publish it. 

State Your Preferences

Some matrimonial sites have long formats on their websites. Use them to your benefit. Share details about your choice in food, your interests, the languages you speak. It may seem uninteresting but it will give the viewers of your profile an idea about whether they should approach you or not. If nothing else, it can be an ice-breaker for a conversation. Imagine you’ll like the same kind of food, that’s a great conversation starter.  Avoid exaggerations and unreasonable demands. Keep it simple. 


Once you are done filling in all the details, review the entire thing once more to see if you have made any errors. Make changes wherever necessary. 


Register for a paid membership if you want to unlock benefits. You can get in touch with more people and increase your chances of finding a partner. So, upgrade your profile so that you can directly contact the person you match with.

Several matrimonial sites are simplifying the format of creating profiles these days, so that the user experience is hassle-free. They are also making it easier for couples to connect through video calling. The couples can take their time to decide whether they wish to take the connection to the next level or not. 

Though the pandemic and social isolation continue to be the new normal, Indian singles are still finding companionship and love and getting married. So, if you too are looking for a partner, you know what to do first – create a matrimony profile. All the information you need to create one is right here. So, have you started creating your matrimonial profile yet?

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