Meet Nour Atta The Founder of Nour Trades

Nour Trades is a company that teaches people how to trade stocks like a professional and make money doing it. Customers are not expected to have any knowledge or background in the finance industry or trading stocks in general. People from all walks of life are suitable to learn from Nour Trades. The only real requirement is that each customer has a desire to make money by learning how to invest in the stock market properly. If they do, then they will most likely succeed.

Over 70% of Americans hate their jobs. They dream of having the financial freedom to break free from their jobs and make a lot of money doing something they love. Earning an income from the stock market is a great way to achieve this dream. All you need to know is how to do it. This is what Nour Trades takes pride in teaching its customers. They work with people who have little to no experience trading stocks and turn them into money-making machines. 

Nour Atta is the founder of Nour Trades. The educational products and services that he has created are based on his own personal knowledge and experience with trading stocks successfully. Every student receives straightforward and easy-to-understand information which is clear enough for anyone to follow. There are no confusing financial terms that you need to learn or anything like that. Every course offered by Nour Trades has unique information that will be totally useful in a real stock trading environment.

Students are not just left on their own to decipher the material for themselves. Whenever a student has a question or concern, they can contact Nour Atta directly and he will promptly respond. This individualized attention between a company owner/teacher and student is rarely found in competing companies. Nour’s main objective is to educate students and make their dreams come true. Once that is accomplished, then Nour’s dream will come true too. 

When students walk away from the company, they will take with them a newfound discipline and confidence that they never had before. These attributes can be applied to all aspects of their lives, not just making money and building an income. After all, trading is a discipline that requires you to constantly learn and adapt to the constant changes that take place. It raises your attentiveness and teaches you that hard work is always necessary to get what you want. 

Background on the Founder

Nour Atta was born to immigrant parents and raised in the United States. He grew up watching his parents work hard and struggling to make ends meet. This taught him the value of hard work early on, which he would then apply to his entrepreneurial endeavors later in life. Atta started out selling rare clothing items in high school. After making $1,000 per week, he saved up money and invested it in the stock market. His $1,000 per week turned into $1,000 per day. In less than a year of trading stocks, Atta hit the $1 million mark. 

Atta decided to create Nour Trades to help other young millennials be as successful as him. His target audience is between ages 20 and 40, although everyone is welcomed to sign up for his educational services.

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