Meet 16 Year Old Entrepreneur, Maxim Trubitski

Drop shipping is a selling technique where you sell products that are in a third party’s inventory, such as a wholesaler or manufacturer. Sellers are not required to pay for the products until after their customers pay for them first. It is a way for sellers to avoid investing any money upfront for their inventory.

While this might sound all nice and easy, it takes a particular set of skills to make it work. Many sellers in the past have tried drop shipping, only to fail in the end. Perhaps they found the wrong drop shipper or simply used the wrong products or niche. But this wasn’t the case for one drop shipper named Maxim Trubitski. After just 2 ½ years of drop shipping, he generated more than $1 million in sales. The most impressive thing is that he was only a teenager when he did it!

Trubitski is a native of New York City. At a young age, he had dreams of making lots of money by starting his own business. He found drop shipping to be the most effective and affordable way of doing that. Thanks to the Shopify platform, Trubitski set up multiple storefronts in a variety of different niches. He filled the storefronts with products that were available through a drop shipper. Every time a customer purchased a product from one of his e-commerce websites, Trubitski would purchase the product from his drop shipper for a discounted price and then the drop shipper would ship the product to his customer.

By the time Trubitski was 16 years old, his $1 million worth of sales had netted him over $100,000 in profit. Of course, this did not happen overnight for him. He spent 2 years perfecting his strategy by learning the ins and outs of drop shipping. There was no one around to teach him what to do, so he had to figure it out for himself. Once he did, it changed his life forever. Trubitski took his profits from drop shipping and spent them traveling the world. He’s been to all sorts of places like Paris, Los Angeles, Monaco, Buenos Aires, Quebec, Verona, Florence, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Prague and so many other cities.

Trubitski spent his profits wisely. Not only did he follow through with his dream of traveling the world, but he also invested more money in his business in order to establish a nice passive income for himself. Now he is “paying it forward” by creating an educational mentorship where he teaches students how to create the same kind of income from drop shipping that he did. These are his 1-in-1 automation programs. It goes through each step of opening a drop shipping store through Shopify, using up-to-date strategies that are highly effective.

Hundreds of motivated entrepreneurs have already benefited from his programs. Anyone looking to quit their 9-to-5 jobs and find financial independence will certainly be interested in getting this education. Trubitski is even in the midst of establishing a youth cancer charity to help children who are suffering from cancer. He clearly wants to make a positive impact on the entire world.

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