Leveraging Solution Selling Canvas for Channel Sales Training

Often channel sales managers get to their careers by the field of sales or through sales roles. Many therefore have difficulty with joint solution selling. One of the most successful ways of helping channel sales professionals to solve this is by introducing the canvas of joint solution sales while still training for channel sales roles. 

The solution selling canvas is a method that channel sales managers and their channel partners use to get them on the same page while handling a sales opportunity together. The canvas allows both parties to collaborate on the sales process, assisting them in thinking about each phase from preparation to closing to post-sales activities.  

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The Joint Solution Selling Canvas has many components, including:

  • Preparation – the roles, people that will do it, required resources, and how they can be obtained. 
  • Diagnosing – the customer’s needs, challenges, different joint solutions to propose to the customer, how good is it for us?
  • Qualification – how relevant is this opportunity for the parties? Customer’s budget, how fast they make decisions, is this opportunity worth the time and resources of the producer and channel partner? Is a profitable victory a possibility? 
  • What persuasive value proposition can we give the consumer that better reflects our parties’ strengths in a manner that is beneficial to the customer’s needs?
  • What opportunities do we have to inform the consumer about our collaborative strategies and how they can meet this need? Trials, case reports, and collaborative white papers, to name a few options.
  • Win the contract, apply the solution and overcome the problem for your customer.
  • What new ideas have emerged as a result of the process? What did we do well as a team? What will we do better next time?
  • Post-sale – how do we keep “delighting” our customers? Is it possible for us to “land and multiply” in order to gain further company there? Is it possible to get a joint case study that we can use in the future?

The joint value proposition is, without a doubt, the most crucial aspect of the whole procedure. This is where professional channel sales training and certification comes into play, assisting channel practitioners in comprehending precisely what is needed to create a convincing joint value proposition using techniques such as a “value canvas.” 

Another benefit of using the joint sales canvas is the focus it places on what happens when a deal is made. The “land and expand” sales training strategy is a well-known and highly effective sales approach for gaining additional business from current clients. The first selling is referred to as the “landing” with the client in this model, and it serves as a springboard for generating further purchases by technical account growth. And until the deal is closed, the shared distribution canvas allows the producer and channel partner to have a formal discussion about this channel management preparation strategy. 

A “land and expand” marketing approach, of course, requires a firm foundation for the buyer, which ensures that once the sale is concluded and the solution is implemented, the customer must be cared for. This practice involves excellent customer service.

The joint sales canvas holds a lot of promise for helping channel partners and their production partners in collaborating more effectively. To ensure that it is well understood and that both parties are clear about how to use it collectively for best revenue success, it must be fully integrated into a structured channel management training process.

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