Know about HUAWEI watch fit new

Know about HUAWEI watch fit new

Are you looking for the best watch that contains all the quality and features at the same time? HUAWEI watch fit new is one of them, this watch is a very unique in style and contains multiple positive features. Let’s discuss it number wise.


Huawei is taken a different approach to the shape of the devices. It is giving you a bit more screen real estate on the vertical axis. So what we have here are a 1.64-inch rectangular AMOLED with 280×456 pixel resolution, 16.7 million colors, and ultra-thin bezels. Which gives this watch a 70% screen to body ratio.

If you are curious about the body of the HUAWEI watch fit new. It is made from fiber-reinforced plastic. Yes, it is plastic made and this is the reason that the weight of this watch is reduced down to 34 grams. And this property is in the feature of a lighter design.

This special watch is available in four different colors Sakura pink, isle blue, Pomelo red, and Graphite black.


At the moment there are 97 different types of workout settings on this device and as well as can track all of those activities. The Huawei watch fit new can also track sleep, stress, spo2 levels, calories burnt, distance traveled, and all of the usual stuff that we see on fitness bands.

But with that said the HUAWEI watch fit new is now more accurate than previous generations. Thanks to Huawei 4th generation’s true scene heart rate monitoring and true sleep 2.0 and the way all the data is displayed on Huawei’s health app is very very easy to read. And it will give you advice based on your activities or lack of activity.

Other’s Awesome Features     

The watch houses your own animated personal trainer. There are 12 different exercise courses to choose from and check this out. It will show you what you should be doing in those courses with an animated graphic on the screen. And one of the personal training courses that are my all-time favorite is neck and shoulder relaxation.

The personal trainer features on the watch,that is awesome. So pretty much any smart band or fitness watch can give you statistics but the great thing about the HUAWEI watch fit new is it uses that data and gives you scientific advice based off the data. So that you can better yourself the next day. It is literally like having your own personal sports scientist right here on your wrist.

Long Battery Life 

HUAWEI watch fit new is pretty good in charging because just 5 minutes charge will give you a full 24 hours of power. And 30 minutes will get you up to 70% and when fully charged it will last you between 7 and 10 days and that’s amazing and serious power efficiency right there and that’s truly awesome.


The weight of the HUAWEI watch fit new is very light. It is approximately 21 grams which is the lightest watch ever.

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