Kerastase Hair Care Review And Personal Experience From Utiee

At Utiee we work with a lot of different brands. This time we would like to share with you our personal experience of using Kerastase hair care products.

It was the love from the first sight. We started with Blonde Asolu. It is a range of products made of highly effective ingredients that allow you to maintain a cold blond tone and maintain a well-groomed luxury look. We pick Blonde Asolu because it gives blonde hair the special treatment it deserves!

To maintain blonde hair is not an easy job. I can tell from personal experience. I have been bleaching my hair for more than three years and I always struggled with dryness and split ends. I use Kerastase Blonde Asolu  Shampoo together with Cicaflash Conditioner. My hair is way better now! The color does not have any yellow tones and the hair is smooth, moisturized and does not break.

This is what Utiee’s customers say about Kerastase Blonde Asolu products:

“I have heard about Kerastase products before, but never tried them as they’re not really cheap. Anyways, I’m absolutely loving my hair. Hair feels so soft and moisturized and shiny. I’ve been bleaching my hair for a few years and they have never been so soft since. Thanks for the products, Kerastase has a massive fan now!”

“I have been looking for a violet range of products to keep my blonde looking fresh for a while and finally found Kerastase Blonde Asolu at Utiee. I highly recommend it. I’m pretty sure I have found the perfect range. It smells gorgeous and leaves my hair silky, smooth, lovely and soft. Love it!”

The Kerastase Densifique is the first professional range of products, which significantly improves the quality of hair – density and elasticity. The line consists of 4 products: the thickening mousse, the activator of hair density ampoules, the shampoo and the mask.

Let’s see what one of our customers say about Kerastase Densifique products:

“My hair is thin and long with lack of root volume. The hair grows pretty quickly. However, I have a problem, these are the supratemporal regions where hair hardly grows. Rather, they did not grow until recently… I have been using Kerastase Densifique shampoo and mask for the last four-five months. The most important result for me is the small hairs on the temples started to grow. I was wondering why it happened. I did not use other treatments, did not change my usual vitamins…I came to the conclusion that this is all the result of using the mask and Kerastase Densifique shampoo. Even my friends started asking if I had cut bangs. About a month ago, I clearly noticed how thin, almost transparent hair began to thicken and grow. These products are really working.”

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All the products are original and dermatologically tested. Kerastase products are made of natural ingredients with flower extract, full of vitamins and minerals. It is gluten and sulfate free treatment.

At Utiee, we care about your natural beauty!

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