Keeping Your Brain Healthy as You Age

The loss of lucidity is one of the biggest tragedies associated with aging. If your mind slips away far enough, you may only be yourself a few hours a day, if at all. For the people who love you, it’s like they lost your spirit before they lost your body. It’s an ugly thing for everyone involved.

There is no definitive way to avoid dementia and other sorts of age-related brain conditions. However, there are things you can do to both lower the risk of developing dementia and slow down your decline, should you start displaying the symptoms. Here are some healthy habits you can start today to maintain your brain’s health as you age.

1 – Keep Being Social

It’s a sad truth that life drives people apart. Entropy affects relationships as well, after all; without an active maintenance effort, the connections you’ve built over your life will slowly grow weaker until they cease to exist. The problem is that humans are social creatures, and isolation puts you at a higher risk for all sorts of health conditions, including dementia and heart conditions.

Meaning that as years go by, you should make a conscious effort to maintain relationships with the people who care about you. It could mean connecting and maintaining a strong bond with your friends and relatives, or it could mean finding ways to keep meeting new people as you grow older by participating in local events and group activities. Delaying retirement can also help you stay both busy and social, both of which can be great for your health.

2 – Exercise Your Mind

Many seniors experience a sharp decline in their lucidity after retiring, and for a good reason. The brain is a lot like a muscle — it needs training to stay sharp, and if work is your main cognitive task throughout the day, you better be able to replace it with some other task before you retire.

There are many ways you can keep your mind active. Engaging in sophisticated hobbies like writing, playing musical instruments, and cooking can all be a big help. Reading and meditation are also great forms of mental exercise, as is playing complex games like chess and poker. Dancing is an excellent hobby for seniors overall, as it helps keep their mind and body healthy, and it’s a social activity that can help you build human connections.

3 – Keep your Body Healthy

Mind and body are not separated. A lot of the things that reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases — including keeping a healthy diet and exercising — will also help you keep your brain healthy. The brain requires a lot of blood to function; having a strong cardiovascular system is a must to keep it healthy.

On top of general healthy habits and eating, keep an eye out for food items that are known to promote brain health. Omega-3 is essential for brain health, as are magnesium and calcium. Salmon, chocolate, and dairy are excellent sources of omega 3, magnesium, and calcium, respectively.

You can also maintain your body’s health by keeping your stress levels low using natural remedies like chamomile and CBD. If you never tried the latter, you should check out Cibdol’s website.

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