Jewellery Designs that Go well with a Kurti

There is no other ethnic wear that is as loved by women as a Kurti is. It is a piece of clothing that can be worn on any occasion and can be dressed up and down easily. It is one most the most charming pieces of clothing that complement every body type.

When styled with the right jewelry, nothing can stop you from looking breathtakingly trendy in a Kurti. Here are a few ways how you can match your jewellery with your Kurtis like a pro to make a stunning combination the next time you go for online jewellery shopping.

The classic jhumkas: The classic combination of a Kurti and jhumkas can never go wrong. Jhumkas are one of the most elegant and bold earring styles to try when it comes to ethnic wear. They are extremely popular and have always been in fashion. Their versatility makes them a great investment for anyone who loves jewellery. Whether it is a casual everyday look or a special occasion, the combination of a Kurti and jhumkas will always make heads turn.

Elegant studs: Another timeless earring style that goes beautifully with Kurtis are elegant studs. They are small, super cute, and extremely reliable. When matched with a Kurti, they add a sense of effortless elegance to the look. Wear a pair of elegant pearl studs with a designer Kurti or a Chikan Kurti and see for yourself!

Tassel earrings: if you are looking to add a modern twist to your ethnic Kurtis, tassel earrings are the way to go! Look for tasteful designs and elegance when choosing tassel earrings to go with ethnic wear. This will help create a good combination of both western and ethnic elements. 

Trendy hoops: When looking for different ways to style a Kurti, how can one miss the trendiest piece of jewellery of them all? Yes! We’re talking about hoops. They can be worn with any kind of Kurti and tend to add a sense of chicness to your ethnic Kurti look. You can wear it on occasion or even pair it for casual everyday looks. To add some extra oomph, look for edgy designs with elements like pearls and stones and watch your look elevate in a jiffy.

Cuff bracelet or bangles: Wearing wrist jewellery with a Kurti can just add quite a romantic touch to your look. One can go for a set of beautiful bangles or a delicate chain bracelet for a charming look and feel. Additionally, a chunky bracelet can add some more elements to the look and can bring the whole look together. Jewellery in the hands such as bangles, bracelets, and rings don’t just look beautiful but also add a certain elegance to your overall look.

A chic pendant necklace: Pendant necklaces are a great way of adding some bling to your ethnic Kurti look without going overboard. If you’re looking for a minimal yet dressed-up look for an informal outing or a formal dinner, don a chic pendant necklace and you’ll be good to go.

A statement necklace: Another neckpiece alternative when looking to style up your ethnic Kurti look is a statement necklace. They are a great piece of jewellery when you want to go a little bold with your look. They drive the attention to your face and are a great choice for special occasions, high-profile events, and festivals.

When it comes to fashion, the only rule is to feel the look. Check gold jewellery designs and experiment with your look by pairing different pieces of jewellery with different kinds of Kurtis and find your style!

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