Industry 4.0 – and why you need to Embrace the incoming Changes

Over the last 30 or so years, computers, the web and tech have completely transformed modern business, to the point that, these days, it’s almost impossible to think of any company that doesn’t rely on technology to at least some degree. 

However, while the last 30 years have been impressive, computing over the last decade has evolved considerably and is reaching a point of maturity that would have previously been considered almost the stuff of science fiction. 

A fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0

Today’s computer software and hardware have entered a new realm of sophistication – one that many business experts have dubbed Industry 4.0 – or, in other words, a fourth industrial revolution. Just like previous industrial revolutions before it, version 4.0 has the potential to completely upend the way people previously worked, the way businesses function and the level of achievable output possible in the ways firms operate. 

From self-driving automobiles to semi-intelligent platforms capable of predicting your every want or need, today’s devices and gadgets are heralding a new age of computing power. Moreover, smart work software such as Microsoft 365 runs safely and securely in the cloud and services like the ones provided by are revolutionizing business efficiency and productivity. 

How Industry 4.0 could transform your company

We’re now on the cusp of an age where man and machine exist in harmony – each benefitting the other. From intelligent software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps that can track and foster each stage of the client journey to automated accounting software and collaborative productivity apps, the future of business is indeed exciting, 

The need to adapt to and embrace modern tech 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there is a distinct likelihood your competitors are already embracing digital transformation. From moving sales operations online to making increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps, businesses the world over are gaining a competitive advantage by capitalizing on the possibilities offered by the digital revolution.

Businesses and individuals are increasingly trusting their private data to online platforms – with everything we do online leaving a digital and interpretable trace. As the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds increasingly blur, this data can give valuable insight into your working practices, the preferences of your clients and how your firm functions. 

This stuff is coming – whether you like it or not

Just as with the e-com revolution of the last two decades that brought about the demise of some of our most famous, most previously-successful firms, Industry 4.0 is coming. You can struggle all you like against these changes but the tide is turning and digitization is on the way. 

If you want to future-proof your firm, there’s no time like the present to start identifying areas where your company might be able to move to the automation offered by computers and tech. For example, AI is particularly adept at performing time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks that are traditionally a sinkhole for company finances and resources. 

However, AI is just the tip of the iceberg. The rise of machines is well underway already and computers and tech will continue to impact all aspects of our lives – both business and personal – in ways that we likely can’t even imagine yet. 

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