I Love Having Snacks, What About You?

Although eating something is our body`s requirement, but that is something biological and scientific which we never want to get into. Because, if we will go in these depths then many things will be considered a ban for us that we like to have but can damage our inner organs. Hence, we never like to dig into such details at all. What we like is to eat whatever we like to eat and however we like to have its intake as much as we want. 

Talking about snacks, they work as an energetic power pack for me especially when I am down. Moreover, I still remember and recall the middle-sized Snack Boxes. we used to get in childhood on special occasions where children were given this much respect to handover them Snack Boxes containing biscuits, chips, sweets, and small toys in them along. 

Scientific Facts About Snacking

Around the world, adults take in energy outside of daily routine meals e.g breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is no proper definition of snacking hence it is still confusing that what to call it, another meal, or what. How an eating occasion is labeled e.g. if taken an extra meal, then the main meals might get skipped, so will be essential nutrients for the body. Hence, a clearly defined difference between a snack and a meal is very much important. This will help in understanding the behaviors of people towards daily food and snacking which is extra consumption of food and lack of nutrients and natural ingredients.

Although snacking when hungry tend to be associated with the consumption of health-promoting foods, snacking in the absence of hunger leads to the consumption of fat, sugar, and sodium-rich foods. Unnecessary snacking promotes weight gain and poor nutrition. Location may affect food selection for snacks as well as portion size. Although eating at home or work is associated with more healthful food choices for snacks, eating at other locations is associated with larger snack sizes and higher fat and lower fiber content. Locations ranged from eating while watching television at home to eating in an airplane or on a camping trip. Snacking can also be influenced by social culture, food culture, and socioeconomic status. 

However, in some countries, including France, the Philippines, and Mexico, a fourth “meal” or snack is part of a traditional meal pattern. The French have an eating occasion called the goûter between lunch and dinner. A small meal between lunch and dinner, merienda, is customary in the Philippines. In Mexico, a midmorning meal almuerzo is relatively common. In these countries, therefore, tradition may motivate snacking. In food-insecure populations, however, snacking may be adopted as a strategy to skip meals. These individuals have limited or uncertain access at all times to enough food for an active, healthful life. Other motivations to consume snacks include distracted eating and the association of eating with certain activities. 

Although a comprehensive discussion on the plethora of environmental factors that influence eating is beyond the scope of this review, some factors relevant to snacking, including social modeling and food insecurity, will be addressed. Snack consumption may also be initiated because of celebratory social occasions as well as the availability of or desire for tempting food. 

Several articles have been published on how eating while distracted affects the number of food individuals chooses to consume later in the day. For instance, eating lunch while watching TV or playing video games tends to increase the number of snacks people eat later. However, as stated in a recent meta-analysis and systematic review, this finding has been replicated primarily in relatively homogenous populations with healthy BMIs and an age range of 20–47 years.


No matter whatever science tells and claims, I do love a snack and still love having a Snack Box while traveling or at a certain place where I get offered with them. Sometimes, I buy snacks when I am sad, I buy them when I am happy, I buy them whenever I need a break, in short, there is no occasion in my life when I am without snacks. I and snacks go side by side in the journey of life now.

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