Huawei FreeBuds 3: A Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

You may certainly conclude that Huawei is fearless when it comes to hardware. These are the world’s first wireless noise cancelling headphones.


They are available on most platforms, including Android, but are these the Air Pods for the entire planet? I have a feeling that this concept was influenced by something we’ve seen before, judging by how unoriginal it looks As hard as it is to define, we’re unable to pinpoint exactly what is the source of our annoyance. To be honest, however, Huawei claims that they are influenced by nature.

Really well,we have the review model in black and white. It has a shiny case and earbuds. It looks good, but has a tendency to pick up smudges. I did not want to dismiss the feeling that Huawei should have used a more sophisticated brand strategy for the name of this phone.

Currently, as it is, you will need to use a substance like powder or transparent matte to prevent fingerprints and smudges from sticking to the plate. With all the fine lines and sharp edges on that overall, it is a little unusual, but on this case, it stands out like a sore thumb.


Pairing is very simple: You can use either an Android phone or an iPhone. In the event that the digital signal does not get picked up, leave the buds in the case, turn the book on for two seconds, and the mechanism will become engaged by means of the spine button on the outside of the case to initiate the pairing.

So the main difference between Air Pods and Huawei Freebuds 3 is, Air Pods have an in-ear-fold speaker design while the Freebuds 3 are around-the-the-the-ear models. Although the Air Pods functioned very well on Android devices, the FreeBuds 3.0 experience is not on iOS due to Apple’s firmware requirements. There are no free apps available for instance, in the Huawei Life app store for the iPhone or iPad.

So, how can you make use the noise cancellation work now? to allow or disable sound cancellation, press the Expand-Up/Back arrow button on the left earbud stick Some people have reported difficulty using these earbuds without the accompanying app, but that could put an end to their enjoyment of them completely.

Gifs are a feature of all Huawei handsets, even if you do not buy one, so you can download a few free. You are immediately shown a small display on your phone when FreeBuds 3 are in range, asking if you would like to connect. It works better with EMUI, particularly when it comes to clothing However, even if you do not, you have had an enjoyable time or did not, it would be always a good time for you.

Sound Quality

In each earbud are fourteen-millimeter dynamic drivers and a bass transducer for the external acoustic sensation, while the one next to it has a speech and bone-conducting microphone with wireless noise cancelling headphones.That run on the Kirin A1 chip Sound is one of the best foundation on which to base more expansion on, so the other drivers in the wireless earbud ecosystem is quite important.

In addition, those are the three advantages that you will receive—richerit age, volumes, resonant tone and wireless noise cancelling headphones. The treble, detail for mid, and highs is very clear and impressive for the majority of open-ear headphones. There is sufficient headroom in the frequency and amplitude for you to expand to an infinite amount, and you never are constrained by factors like infinity.

An alternative meaning of these says that in order to take a fully expanded musical sound and some of it is taken away when you go without an ear-tip, meaning you misses the ambience. The audio is still in passive mode until you trigger the ANC (active noise cancellation). Using a dial-style control, you are able to control the amount of noise cancellation in the Huawei Life app, which is particularly useful when using the earbuds for telephone calls or in lower volume settings.

Battery life

When used over time, the duration of a few months or on a long trip, the FreeBuds 3 battery life is a nice feature. Playback time per charge varies slightly, but it lasts between 4 and 5 hours when you have the noise cancellation feature switched off, and the music playback is lower. This includes 20 hours of battery life of sound so you can take it anywhere without being concerned about an additional charge. The figures quoted by Huawei is quite coincide with those of the truth. The charger is exactly on-the-to-date with the rest of the competition in terms of efficiency. Although individual headphones and cases have advantages over one case that combined, they also provide what travelers looking for an improvement in other products may be getting something more comprehensive.

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