How to Properly Write a Resume

Did you know that recruiters typically spend less than 10 seconds before deciding on a candidate?

This doesn’t provide you with a big window to make a statement, so you need to catch their attention immediately.

If you want to get considered for a job, you need to have the basic elements of a resume to look professional.

Keep reading if you are looking for writing tips for resumes so that yours can stand out from the rest!

Take Care of the Essentials

One of the first writing tips for resumes is to take care of the essentials first.

At the top of your resume, you need to have your name clearly stated. Your name should be in a slightly larger font and bolded. Underneath your name, you can state your current professional role or the job you are looking for.

Another essential part is your contact information. It was common for people to include their entire home address on resumes, however, now it is good enough to put your city and state. Don’t forget to include your phone number and email address so that they can contact you!

Share Your Experience

Whether you have been working in the industry for 10 years, just graduated, or got certified, you need to elaborate.

This is challenging since you only need to add the most important information. Think about your experience and what is relevant to the role you’re applying for.

Keep each bullet under a section of one sentence and try not to go into too much detail. The purpose of the resume is to provide enough information but make the recruiter want to know more.

Be Clear & Concise

Resumes should never get written in first-person POV and it needs to be concise.

Adding vague or confusing descriptions won’t add to your professional image and ends up wasting other people’s time. Recruiters want to understand who you are in as few words as possible.

If your resume seems too long, try looking for alternative words that can simplify a description.

Focus on Formatting

Before you send your resume to a new job, you need to format your resume.

Many professionals that provide formatting tips recommend that you keep your resume to one page. You can use font sizes between 10 and 12, and the font should be easy to read. Keep your margins at 0.5 inches around the borders and be consistent.

If you are struggling to format your page, you can hire a professional resume builder online for affordable prices.

These Writing Tips Will Help You Land a Job

With all of the resume writing tips online, it can be difficult to keep your experience to one page.

Finding a balance between adding too much or too little information is essential. Since you only have a few seconds to make an impression, you need your name and top skills to stand out amongst your competitors.

Don’t be afraid to put a creative spin on your resume, especially if you’re in the art industry.

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