How To Get An Affordable Health Insurance Personal Quote

The universal healthcare system in Switzerland is world-renowned for being one of the best in Europe. It is compulsory for anyone living or working in Switzerland (including expats) to purchase health insurance. Switzerland regulates insurance through the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance which guarantees that companies don’t take unfair advantage. The system aims to keep costs reasonable for individuals while also holding them responsible for timely paying into the system. However, like several things in this country, it can be costly.

Several people who move abroad consider the network of healthcare centers and hospitals and their well-trained doctors before deciding.  

We understand that choosing health insurance is not easy; therefore, here is a detailed guide on health insurance comparison in Switzerland [Refer German Version] . We will cover everything you need to know about getting affordable health insurance personal quotes in this guide. So read on to get a better idea about getting health insurance in Switzerland.

How much does Swiss health insurance cost?

While thinking of health insurance, you may wonder how much Swiss health insurance costs. Here is an answer: it is mandatory to pay a monthly premium fee, which differs between different Swiss health insurance companies. Swiss health insurance fees undergo a review every year according to several factors, these incorporate things like company debt and healthcare costs. This can imply that premium costs can differ significantly year-on-year if companies fail to cover costs.

According to the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health (FOPH), Swiss health insurance premiums rose by an average of 1.2% in 2019, with the average monthly payment for an adult over 26 being CHF 372.3. The cantons with the highest monthly insurance costs incorporate Vaud, Jura, Basel-City, Geneva, and Basel-Landschaft, while the cheapest five cantons are Nidwalden, Ury, Zug, Appenzell-Innerrhoden, and Obwalden.

What are Health insurance claims and reimbursements?

Generally, health insurance firms in Switzerland expect you to pay fees upfront and then claim reimbursements afterward. You will have to submit a claim form (available through your insurer) along with receipts or any necessary invoices. It generally takes a few weeks for reimbursements to come through. Be sure to check with your insurer for the precise details of the process and expected waiting periods.

How can you pay a lower health insurance premium?

You can reduce your monthly premium by opting for a policy with a limited choice of doctors or health maintenance organization, taking out a Telmed policy where you can call a telephone service and get a referral to a doctor or hospital. Furthermore, increasing your excess above CHF 300 per annum or paying a lump amount of fees upfront will land you a discount of around 2% 

What are the Health insurance options for the unemployed and low earners?

It may be possible for those unemployed or on modest means to be eligible for a premium reduction in the form of a government subsidy. This is at the local level. Both amounts are reduced, and eligibility may vary across the cantons. Your cantonal authority will generally contact you after filing your annual tax return only If you are entitled to a subsidy. You may also contact your local canton to make inquiries if you think you are eligible for a reduction.

Annual health insurance excess and deductibles

You’ll need to pay a minimum of the first CHF 300 of your medical expenses each year (no excess applied to children under the age of 18) as state healthcare in Switzerland works on an excess system. Your Swiss health insurance provider can only cover bills that lie above this excess. You can choose to pay a higher deductible or excess, which can result in decreased monthly fees.

Are there any limitations, exclusions, or restrictions on the policy?

Some insurers can increase premiums for what they think to be high-risk situations (e.g., life-limiting conditions or sufferers of chronic illness). So be sure to inquire about these before signing up.

Am I covered while I travel?

You will need to purchase additional coverage if you travel outside of Switzerland frequently, as basic Swiss health insurance will only cover medical treatment on short trips abroad.

We hope we made the health insurance comparison in Switzerland easier to comprehend. This article will help you navigate your way to the perfect health insurance personal quote package for you. Consider all the different options available online carefully so that you can take your ideal package without any difficulties.

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