How to find a summer internship in Bangalore

Summer break is here, and with it comes the time to prepare for post-college employment. No matter what field you choose to study, the competition in the job market is going to be tight. Any edge you can get over the rest of your classmates becomes super important. That’s why most students these days choose to pursue several internships during the course of their college years. But when you’re looking for a spot against candidates from all the other engineering colleges in Bangalore, bagging an internship can be easier said than done. 

That’s why we’ve come up with a handy guide on finding a summer internship for yourself in Bangalore. Following this five-step process is likely to provide you with an opportunity that could vastly improve your career prospects. So, let’s jump straight in.

Plan and prioritise

Any good strategy involves some prior preparation, and finding an internship is exactly the same. The first thing you need to do is figure out where you want to intern. Draw up a list of your top choices for companies requiring interns and map out what each one requires for the application process. Creating a spreadsheet for this data will make your life a lot easier. Once you’ve got this first step underway, prioritise your list based on your personal preference, the internship role and the deadlines. If you’re going to need specific documents for a particular application, see if you have the time to procure them. If you’re really unsure about how to prioritise your different companies, you could try the Urgent-Important matrix to get a clearer picture.

Do some background research

Now that you’ve got a beginning understanding of where you want to apply, it’s time to delve into the needs and wants of each individual company. After all, you’ll need to tweak your resume and cover letter for each one accordingly. This is the time to go beyond the job description and look for help online. Why not visit your college placement cell and ask them for advice? Or head to the company’s website and see what they value or what projects they’re working on. You could even look at various internship help websites to see if they have any tips you can use.

Make your own timelines

Once you’ve done your homework, it’s time to actually start the application process. Go back to the list you’d created earlier and set deadlines for yourself. You should know the window for applications to each of your companies and create a timeline to apply to them. If there are multiple places with the same deadline, arrange your schedule so that you’re not juggling everything on the same day. Put all this information into your calendar so that you don’t run the risk of forgetting or missing out on any. Lastly, remember to have back-ups in place. In case none of your applications come through during the first round, you might have to apply again to some other organisations. So, be prepared to tackle that situation as well.

Keep your materials updated

When you’re sending out internship applications, you want to showcase your best side. It’s important that your resume and cover letter reflect your latest achievements, and especially those that are relevant to the company you’re applying to. Make sure you use some of the words and skills that the internship posting specifies to give yourself the best chance. Having letters of recommendation can also be a great way to boost your chances. Reach out to a professor or previous internship coordinator for the same, but make sure you give them plenty of time to write you a good recommendation. With most companies and startups in Bangalore relying on technology nowadays, it’s also important to keep your online profile relevant and updated before you apply for the internship, especially if you’re submitting your application through LinkedIn or any other portal.

Send out your applications and follow up

Now that you’ve got all your materials in place and updated, you’ve finally reached the application stage. Send out your applications a few at a time, so that you can track their progress simultaneously. But don’t go overboard as you don’t want to mix up details or overwhelm yourself. Make sure you’re punctual and sticking to the deadlines specified by the companies. If you don’t get a response to your application, you can follow up a week after submissions. Persistence is key, so don’t be afraid to keep sending out applications to different companies until you strike gold.

And that’s the five-step process to getting yourself a summer internship in Bangalore. Make sure you stay disciplined and hard working and you’ll definitely bag the opportunity of your choice. So, do your research and send out those applications.

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