How quantity takeoff services help the contractors in construction?

Quantity takeoff services are a very important and crucial process which is necessary for all the construction projects. It is nothing but an estimate of all the needs and requirements that are required for building a structure. However, the estimator also assists in estimating the amount of material that you may require in estimating the cost of labor and other subcontractors. Moreover, it also helps in estimating the time that will  be required to complete a project. The estimators do the process of estimation by preparing a document so that one can have the complete thought about all the aspects of construction. In this article, we will be discussing how takeoff of quantity can benefit contractors:

How Quantity Takeoff Can Benefit Contractors?

The contractors are always in search of an ideal method with which they can bid on many projects simultaneously. But when you look at present times, there are various methods which are available for the bidding and selection process. The contractors should use an automated system that helps them in saving time and money both. With the help of this automated system, you can get more projects completed with fewer resources. 

When architects or engineers need to build something bigger, faster, or better than originally planned, they often turn to construction estimating. These companies take a project plan and add extra rooms, extra floors, or extra equipment to it. The added space, materials, and equipment allow the contractors to build larger or more advanced projects than they would have been able to build on their own. This not only allows the contractors to build more but also helps them to finish on-time and under-budget.

Engineers and contractors prefer to estimate

Contractors and engineers make use of quantity takeoff services to determine the total amount of material needed for any construction project. However, a bill of material is a list of raw materials that are needed to create a final product. They compiled in order to estimate the cost of manufacturing and provide contractors with the specifications for the materials that they will use in the construction process. Additionally, they can use this information to better understand budgetary limitations, material costs, and project timelines. The more detailed this information is, the easier it can be to understand how much time and money it will take to complete a project accurately.

Methods to evaluate the construction quantity

These days, there are various software available for the bidding process, but not all of them are suitable for your requirements and needs. One such software is Magic Estimator, many contractors use it over time successfully. In addition, the quantity takeoff is the first step for preparing a cost estimate of the project. Further, it provides the quantities of all items required to construct the project and is used to determine the total cost of materials, labor and equipment needed to complete the project, as well as time required for construction.

The takeoff process consists of two parts:

  • The measurement processes

 Measuring and counting the items or units that are included in the scope of a work on a blueprint or set of drawings.

  1. The calculation processes

 Determining the cost per unit (or other unit measure) for each item in the scope of work, based on historical data, vendor information, current market conditions and other factors.

Role of quantity surveyor

A quantity surveyor is someone who analyzes the costs of construction projects. They calculate the quantities of materials needed for a project and analyze the cost of labor, equipment, and suppliers to determine a project’s budget. Quantity surveyors typically work for construction companies, but they may also work independently as consultants. In construction estimating the role of a quantity surveyor typically includes:

  • Preparing tender documents
  • Measuring quantities on site
  • Calculating costs and preparing estimates
  • Drawing up bills of quantities
  • Determining the feasibility of a project based on its specifications and cost


Quantity takeoff services are a way of determining the amount of construction materials needed for a project. It is also used to figure out how much a project will cost. Floor plans, elevations, and sections are included in the completed estimation from the building drawing. In short, it simplifies the calculation process and reduces the risk of errors. When builders need to increase their production rate, quantity takeoff services can help. These services allow them to increase the number of items they can produce in a given time period. Which can help you meet your production deadlines. You can find a variety of services that offer to increase your output on different aspects of your business. Some businesses choose to use their manufacturing capacity to increase their output.

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