How PortableConnect Helps Individuals Recover Faster From Knee Surgery

There are numerous ways for people to recover after serious surgery. More often than not, recovery means staying off of the repaired body part as much as possible. After knee surgery, resting helps, but getting back in the swing of things and using the knee helps as well.

What ROMTech has accomplished is a way to easily take care of knee replacement recovery as well as rehabilitation. By using advanced technology, ROMTech has made everything as cost-effective as possible. Doctors and physicians also love ROMTech devices, as it helps speed up the recovery process and change the way people think about rehabilitation in general.

Why Movement Matters

Movement after surgery can be one of the worst feelings in the world. Whether the knee is arthritic, or a complete replacement occurred, there’s a lot of pain that goes with moving even a little bit. Right after surgery, the knee has very limited range and is constantly swollen from the work done. Nevertheless, moving and using the joint is the best way to make a full recovery quickly.

Despite the benefits, getting consistent movement once again is another process altogether. Some people will find it to be very easy, while others need that extra bit of push. Recovery after surgery is essential to making sure that the joint never becomes too stiff and the body doesn’t bounce back.

It’s natural for the knee to feel like it’s impossible to move in the beginning. That’s because it has gone so long without moving properly, and muscles start to experience some level of atrophy. Couple that with the pain that comes from the operation itself, and the knee shuts off moving altogether. Using ROMTech technology, like the PortableConnect, ensures that this is not a problem holding anyone back.

No one initially wants to work through the pain, but there are so many benefits to movement early on with recovery. It helps with efficient progress, and gives patients hope by heading in the right direction. Depression sets in for many post-op if they don’t see positive results quickly.

Active and Passive Movements with a Knee

Pain associated with moving a new knee joint means that almost every individual needs assistance early on. Forcing the knee to move is one solution, but it might not be for everyone. When movement occurs naturally, this is known as an active movement. It’s ideal, but not always realistic right after surgery.

A physical therapist can help with passive movement, which is when a person gets some type of assistance along the way to make the joint work once again. What ROMTech does is eliminate the need for a physical therapist, taking care of the passive movement without the high cost of an individual present at all times. Not only does this cut down on cost, but it allows for a lot more independence to recover on a person’s own time instead of whenever a physical therapist is available.

Combining active and passive movements during the first 12 weeks post-op is crucial to the long-term success of the knee surgery. Patients get themselves in trouble by not taking the time to rehab properly, usually citing some sort of excuse. 

Turning Up the Speed of Recovery with ROMTech

Everything about the ROMTech PortableConnect is geared towards helping knee patients speed up the recovery process. The PortableConnect is adaptable for individuals depending on how swollen the new knee feels, as well as how limited its range is when moving around. From the very first-day recovery starts, the technology makes decisions for the patient. It helps control the intensity and length of the workout based on years of data from individuals recovering from similar surgeries. There’s no need for any active movement until a person is ready.

Not only does a shorter recovery time cut down the cost, but being efficient helps as well. Countless studies show that the more knee recovery technology improves, the better individuals feel about going through the process in general. A faster rehabilitation time gives individuals a more optimistic look before they even go under the knife.

ROMTech records and tracks all data from each patient during a therapy session, which then goes to the physician overseeing the recovery process. If any changes are necessary, ROMTech makes it easy to change. Doctors can even tap into a live video link at any time to get the most current information and assess how everything is going.

Devices created by ROMTech help with recovery whenever it fits into an individual‘s busy schedule. Whether watching television or spending time with family, the device will continue to work on getting the knee joint functional. Passive movement will always be the key early on, and that leads to easier active movements when the time comes.

Why Getting Back to Full Use Matters

No one goes through a major knee surgery, only to still struggle with pain and not feel back to normal. The goal is to have an active life once again, and ROMTech PortableConnect is the way to get back on track. It’s normal for people to be skeptical that any type of technology isn’t going to help as much as it does, but the proof is in ROMTech’s successful history.

It’s also great knowing that this rehabilitation technology can do so much on its own, while still being connected to a physician at all times. It’s one of the reasons why people love that it truly provides the best of both worlds. There is the private, cost-effective way of relying on technology instead of traditional physical therapy, while still having a physician overseeing it all. 

This cost-effective way to bounce back from knee surgery is expanding availability. Making the rehab process for patients easier will help young and old patients return back to moving like they should.

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