Here’s Why Instagram Hashtags Are More Important Than Ever

Instagram is the 7th most visited site in the world.

If you want to make it big online, you must grow a following on this social media site. However, it can be a daunting task. Some tools will help you, such as the Instagram likes tags and other hashtags strategies.

Follow our guide if you want to learn how to increase your reach and engagement with your Instagram account in 2022. Keep reading to discover the latest everything about hashtags in our detailed guide.

How Do Instagram Hashtags Work?

Hashtags are the simplest element of Instagram and have been available on the app since its inception. Essentially, Instagram hashtags are a means of cataloging and categorizing content. They enable users to find the content they are interested in and share their photos and videos with relevant groups.

You can search by hashtags to find exactly what you are looking for on the site but are also used by the Instagram algorithm to help rank and display content. The algorithm helps Instagram decide what it thinks are the most popular Instagram posts and rank them accordingly. Hashtags play a part in this calculation and help determine what ultimately ends up on your Instagram explore page.

Making Hashtags Work For You

There has been much speculation about whether hashtags are still relevant in 2022. Especially since Instagram recently put out a communication requesting that users only use between two and five hashtags on their post. However, research and testing suggest that hashtags are still an essential part of the process.

The photo-sharing site is slowly updating its keyword search to a more semantic style of search, meaning that all written words could become relevant in the future, including captioning and video topics. Everything could become searchable elements in the future.

But for now, hashtags are your best bet for building a solid content strategy that can bring in followers and grow your brand.

How Many Hashtags?

As we mentioned, Instagram recommends only using 3-5 hashtags in your content. However, you can actually put up to thirty inside a post and more in a subsequent comment. This advice contradicts the previous guidance of putting as many relevant keywords into your post as possible.

Instagram is trying to move away from the keyword stuffing days of old and encourage better use of hashtags for clearer content categories. The more relevant the hashtags, the more likely you are to find the type of content that you are seeking.

For now, at least, research still suggests that to increase reach and engagement on your posts, the more people you can reach through the use of multiple hashtags is still better. However, you should keep in mind that Instagram will try and steer you away from this style of self-promotion. So keep an eye on your analytics, and if you see a dip, it might be time to try a new hashtag strategy.

What Types of Hashtags Are There?

There are five main types of hashtags that you can use in your content. They are location, branded, industry, community, and descriptive. You should be using a good mix of all of the hashtags to increase your reach as much as possible. Each hashtag has a different purpose within your content.

  • Location hashtags allow users to find posts based on a physical location i.e. #NewYork or #Canada
  • Branded hashtags are created by brands to promote a marketing campaign or event i.e. #Adidas or #NYMarathon
  • Industry hashtags describe an industry niche that you work in i.e. #fashion or #seo
  • Community hashtags look at community groups and movements i.e. #payitforward or #socialgood
  • Descriptive hashtags talk about the content of your post or video i.e. #catsofinstagram or #candlelife

A good mix of each type of hashtag should help you reach the largest audience and help grow your account. Hashtags are not the only way that you can do this, though. There are many other Instagram growth strategies, including like for like provided by services such as

How To Find Good Hashtags

Finding hashtags to use that are relevant and have enough reach can be a challenge. Typing a hashtag into Instagram will autofill to give you a few suggestions, but often these are limited or not very relevant. You also have to come up with the idea first to start the hashtag.

Using a hashtag suggestion tool will make this process a little easier. These applications help you find good hashtags to apply to your content. A suggestion tool will work similarly to Instagram but give you much more choice of hashtags and allow you to multi-select the hashtags you want to use.

You can also find hashtags on Instagram’s explore page. Searching a keyword by the top results will give you lots of posts to choose from that are doing very well in the algorithm. Simply look into the post and see which hashtags they are targeting. If you like the hashtag, try adding it to your post.

Instagram search will also give you hashtag suggestions if you search by hashtag. It will also give you an idea of post volume, which is the number of posts in that hashtag. The great the post volume, the more hashtags are targeting that keyword.

You want to find hashtags with a good amount of post volume but are not too popular. Hashtags with over 200k posts will be too competitive, and your post will likely get lost in the noise. Find a good middle ground hashtag and use that on your posts.

Check Your Hashtag Analytics

If you are trying to promote a business account, you will have access to Instagram analytics which is all the data about your posts and how they are doing on the app. Don’t forget to check in on your analytics regularly to get the best picture of your reach and engagement online.

Having access to detailed analytics means that you can experiment with different hashtags to see which ones are most effective. Try different strategies and don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know it might just be the viral hit you need.

Use the Instagram Likes Tags

The final strategy should be to use Instagram likes tags. These tags are designed to help you grow and help others grow online. Tagging yourself in hashtags such as #likes will get yourself seen by more people and let others know that you are trying to grow.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration to go out there and grow your account. Benefit from this useful strategy guide and start growing your account on Instagram.

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