Have You Been Wondering What Customers Think about FX

All traders want a platform where they invest and submit reviews. So for this purpose, Multibank FX provides a platform where they share their review that may be negative or positive and also they gain information to read others review.

Update Review of 2021 by Multibank FX:-

There are some reviews of customer presented by Multibank FX:

Review 1:-

Terrible Multibank is a lure for lap ears. They are bred to be shorter and blow in your ears. They stayed with me. They seem to be good, but I’d call them my own.

Review 2:-

They repeatedly licked my feet. They stopped, but they continued in the opposite direction. There were no similar movements on other platforms. You can decide for yourself whether such a desk is worth it.

Review 3:-

I called the support team to request the withdrawal of my money. They made an enemy of me and told me that there were many opportunities on the market and that I was greedy. I wanted to withdraw the money, and I did.

Review 4:-

It was a bummer that I didn’t expect. Multibank FX blocked my account and claimed that I had violated some rules. They simply zeroed me out of nowhere.

Review 5:-

Multibank FX trading was very disappointing. They don’t allow trading, licenses are not available, and they have no responsibility for anything. There is no one to contact. There are many bells and whistles.

Review 6:-

Trades can be opened without you asking. Two deals were opened for my consideration and my deposit was almost zero. This is everything you need about the office. They are arrogant thieves, deceivers. They are deceivers and thieves.

Review 7:-

Multibank FX is a name-only bank. It is obvious that MultiBank only exists to make the most of clients’ losses. My trades were frozen several times. They then opened at an incomprehensible cost. Their work style is very clear. They will do whatever it takes to make sure you have enough money.

Review 8:-

Multibank FX calls their spreads lucrative! Ridiculous! Recent news spread of as high as 20 pips on euro/dollar rates, significantly reducing my chances. Don’t believe it. There aren’t any profitable spreads, another big draw.

Review 9:-

They don’t give any profits, and they close accounts without warning. Multibank FX is a scam. Multibank FX is a deceitful organization.

Final Verdicts:-

In this final verdicts, all brokers gives review and activities on its platform. Multibank FX published their review but in above all reviews we see customers mostly give negative reviews on it so the trade union doesn’t recommend it.

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