Floral Design Ideas That Are Simple and Fun

The flower industry in the United States alone is valued at around five billion dollars. Truly, people can’t get enough of the smell and sight of fresh flowers.

So, do you want to incorporate flowers into your everyday life? Have you considered adding flowers to your home decor?

Read on to learn about the top floral design options for your home.

Pot Them

Do you want to keep your home sustainable? Why not use flowers that are still growing? This may take a little more maintenance since you’ll have to keep your plants alive.

And, when you use live flowers, you also get to choose their pots. You can choose pots that hang from the ceiling or tiny pots that you can place around your home.

Color Coordinate

Pick flowers that go with the pre-existing decor in your home. This could mean sticking with one uniform color, or shades of the same color. If your home decor is more eclectic, you can get a little more creative with the flowers you choose.

For more information, contact a flower delivery service to see what they recommend for your home. They can help you pick the perfect flowers for your needs and get them sent right to you.

Make Them Float

Are you looking for a more unusual method of presenting your flowers? Why don’t you try floating them in water?

You can cut off the heads of the flowers. Then, fill a bowl with water, and place them in there. This is one of the more creative floral designs you can try out.

Dry Them Out

If you want your flowers to last longer than a few days or weeks, you can also try out dried flowers. You can either purchase pre-dried flowers, or preserve the flowers you already have on hand.

To dry your own flowers, hang them upside-down in a dry and dark area. Make sure the area gets plenty of air flow. Then, simply leave the flowers until they’re nice and dry.

You can also press your flowers into books to dry them, which also creates an unusual look.

Choose Unusual Containers

The containers you choose for your flowers can also add another level of flair. Choose colorful and intricate vases that speak to you. Try putting your flowers in a pitcher for a country-kitchen vibe.

If you’re into the hipster look, you can pick a variety of mason jars to arrange flowers all about your house. Those who want some order can create a floral border design around a bulletin board or a mirror, which will dress up one of the more simple parts of the decor in your home with a pop of color.

Incorporate Floral Design Into Your Lifestyle

These are just a few of the many amazing floral design ideas you can try out. There are so many more out there!

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