How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule?

Irregular sleep schedule no only makes your nigh tired but also steal the efficiency and productivity from your day-long activities. The circadian rhythm of our body works the way as we set it. Our internal clock rotates 24 hours between sleep and waking.

This biological cycle of our body can be disrupted due to many factors including shift work, jet lag, being night-owl and busier-than-normal routine. In this way, the sleep schedule is disturbed and doesn’t respond typically.

There is a need where we should start taking it seriously and make some efforts to adjust our internal clock. It’s time to say goodbye to sleepless nights and groggy days. Here, we have compiled a list of a few ways that can help you to adjust your biological clock and get the quality sleep through consistent sleep patterns. Let’s get started!

Manage Your Exposure with Light

That can do wonder if you manipulate your exposure with light. When you face the morning, your brain stops producing melatonin and increase the alertness. At the same time, darkness makes you more sleepy and tired. So, make a proper schedule of exposure with light in the morning and dim or no light in the room at night. This habit will also help you to set your internal clock.

Don’t Skip exercise

Regular exercise makes your cardinal rhythm scheduled as most of the tissues in our body are joined to this natural clock. Exercise helps the muscle to be more active and robust. The production of melatonin increases that allows having a night of quality sleep.

Exercise in morning or evening is more effective than in night as a workout in the late-night overstimulates your body.

Spend a Little Time on Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation and relaxation techniques influence not only your body but also your mind. These relaxation activities help you experience quality sleep. Take steps to alleviate the worst mental condition, such as anxiety and depression, to make your proper sleep schedule. The calming activities such as yoga, meditation, stretching, journaling, and deep breathing helps you come out the bad mental conditions.

Say Goodbye to Frequent Naps

Day time naps also kill your desires for sleep at night. It disturbs your sleep schedule, as well. So, if you are already facing issues of sleep disorders, then it’s better to avoid naps in the daytime. Napping makes it difficult to sleep at night and also make your day drowsy. You may have 30-min short rest but once in a day that wouldn’t harm your nighttime sleep schedule.

Proper Environment for Sleep

Make a proper environment sleep for quality and uninterrupted sleep. Set the dim light in your room, make environment quiet and also the temperature of your room help you get the restful sleep.

You can take a hot bath to relax your body and muscles before going to bed. It will help you fall asleep early with making long efforts.

Avoid Eating Late

Your eating habits have a lasting impact on your sleep schedule. Eating late at night not only affects your sleep schedule but also sleep quality.  Your stomach needs enough time to digest the food so, when you eat late, it doesn’t get through the proper digestion process. 

Also, avoid eating heavy, fatty and sugary food late at night. Avoid taking caffeine and alcohol late as it disrupts the circadian rhythm.

Take Aid From CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is known to fight against insomnia or other mental ailments such as anxiety and depression that are a big hurdle against the quality sleep. You can take assistance from CBD oil sleep to increase sleep quality and make your sleep schedule proper.

CBD influences the brain receptors CB1 and CB2 and makes the night sleep effective for you. Generally, CBD is considered safe as it is a non-psychoactive natural healing drug. There are several CBD shops in USA that could help in this regard.

Stick To Your Schedule

Your inner intention matters a lot to improve your sleep schedule. Striking to your sleep timetable will help you a lot to improve the biological cycle of your body. 

By following the regular sleep schedule, you will develop a good routine of going to bed and waking up. In this way, you will get the restful sleep hours.

Make your Bed and Pillow Comfortable

That is also very important to make your sleep accessories comfortable for you. A comfortable bed and a soft pillow should be your priority for good night sleep. Avoid sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress or hard pillow as these cause you body aches. Make a timely replacement if these two are no longer serving you properly.

Wind up

A proper sleep schedule plays a vital role in improving your health and lifestyle. It will help if you practise useful sleep tips to experience the quality night sleep. Make it possible to get back to the track by making a little effort.

We hope any of the ways mentioned above would work in your case and if you still can’t make it consult your doctor.

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