Finding a Good Interior Designer

If you are looking to get some help with your next interior design project, and have made the decision to get some hired help for the management and/or design, then we have written the following article to give some pointers on how to pick the right designer for your project:

  1. Price – Its always a good idea to get a ballpark figure for your upcoming project. This can quite often be done online now with photos and measurements. Now, a designer will not be able to give you a fixed price over the web, but they can generally give you a rough estimate. This will help to cut down your prospective list of designers quickly, to find out who is in your price range. 
  2. Area of Expertise – You will find that each designer generally has an area that he or she specializes in. Its therefore a good idea to try and find someone that specializes in your style of project. So, whether it’s art deco, or a commercial endeavour, it’s worth trying to find someone who focuses on your particular niche. 
  3. Scope of Role – It is always worth being as clear you can from the outset with your interior designer. Therefore, one should give the utmost clarity as to how much of a role said designer will be required for in the project. This will impact price greatly, and therefore stating whether you require a fully managed design, part managed or perhaps just design only is important. Some designers will help with everything from planning to signing off the project if that’s what you need. 
  4. Online Reviews – Now commonplace on the internet – review sites. Whether it is Google reviews, or Trustpilot, there are literally so many to choose from.  But doing your due diligence on any company before choosing them is important. It is no good wishing you had done it afterwards. In every industry you will come across companies that do no deliver what they profess to, so it really can pay to do your homework first. 
  5. Accredited Recommendations – Although not always full proof, it can be a good idea to check that your designer is fully accredited with all the popular organisations that exist for that niche. Again, this will give some form of comeback, should they not deliver the superb job that you are looking for. 
  6. Guarantee – Whether it’s the timeframe or the budget, will they give you any written guarantee that they can deliver as they have agreed? This really can be a deal breaker when hiring an interior designer. 

The above are just some simple things to help as a guide, but can really assist when trying to pick the best interior designer to employ to ensure you really get the finished project that you are hoping for.

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