Features of HUAWEI matebook 14 2021

Features of HUAWEI matebook 14 2021

We are ready to explore again the new product of Huawei. Today our topic of interest is HUAWEI matebook 14 2021In this piece of paper, we will try to elaborate on all the interesting features of HUAWEI matebook 14 2021

Firstly this is important to know the exact meaning of digits which is included in the name of Huawei matebook 14 2021. So HUAWEI matebook 14 2021 mean that 14 inches glossy ips screen and 2021 model.

It is a very intriguing laptop for reasons which will get to a bit of a complicated masterpiece if you will. If you looking to get a brand new laptop in 2021 as it combines a great design, pretty impressive performance, and a compellingly affordable price compared to the likes of the MacBook air which is also one of the most popular products in this field.

Physical aspect of the HUAWEI matebook 14 2021

The first positivity of this matebook is its crazy design. This is a real thing of beauty classy, stylish, minimal yet angular, and racy. The Huawei logo in a glossy finish also looks clean and fairly understated and underneath.

You have the rubber strips to stop it from slipping on a desk. The speaker grilles more on sound quality later and the fan grille for your heat dissipation as well. Apart from this, there is a type-c and HDMI port as well as a headphone jack on one side and two USB type-a ports available as expected.

The weight, height, and width of the HUAWEI matebook 14 2021 is approximately 1.49 kg, 15.99 mm, and 307.5 mm respectively. It’s very slim which adds more beauty to the looking.

Some attractive features

2K full view display

Keeping with the rest of the design the display is simply stunning. The display size is 14 inches and ips type which is evident from its name and we also discussed it. The resolution of this screen is 2160×1440 and has a 100% sRGB color Gamut. Apart from these, it contains a tough Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification which is added for eye care.

Large 56 Wh battery

Battery life and performance on the Huawei matebook 14 2021 features a 56-watt large battery that has a claim to 11 hours of battery life.


Keyboard and trackpad experience is good with good travel and for those concerned about privacy that appreciate the hidden webcam in the keyboard. Though the angle might not necessarily be flattering and it is 720p resolution.

Other’s Specification

Matebook 14 is powered by the 11th generation intel core processor. This particular model has the i7 variant with 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB SSD. The i7 quad-core processor of the tiger lake product family is designed for sleeker portable laptops and they’re manufactured on the advanced 10-millimeter superfin process.

So the CPU cores run at 2.8 gigahertz to 4.7 gigahertz. This offers around 30% faster performance than the previous high-end configuration and it also included Intel Iris Xe graphics which is more powerful than before delivering up to 147% faster graphics.

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