Explore Exciting TV Plans for a Full Dose of Entertainment

Explore Exciting TV Plans for a Full Dose of Entertainment

Lost are the days when one had to engage in never-ending debate and discussion with the cable operator to install the TV shows and channels of our choice. Those were the days when the cablewala Bhaiya decided which channels and TV series subscribers could see because the entire control was in his hands. While the TV industry flourished from the 1980s to early 2000s, it did generate a lot of income for the local cable shop. The only complaint was that even though the TV remote was in your hands, the final control on what to broadcast for the subscribers was in the hands of a third person.

DTH made a difference

Direct-to-home or D2H changed it all! Now the era of satellite communication is in where a personal dish set up at individual homes acted as the receptor of satellite broadcasted TV programs. How has it changed the gamut of India Television? DTH technology directly connected the broadcaster to the viewer. With the help of encrypted transmission, the end-user could access favorite programs, serials, movies, sports, and explore other options of TV shows. With the small dish antenna, a set-top box is required that decodes the encrypted transmission.

Main points of difference between DTH and cable TV

The main difference is the way the televised programs reach the customers. In the case of DTH technology, the broadcaster is directly connected to the customers, while in the case of the cable operators, there is a middleman in between.

Another big difference is that cable TV requires physical wires to connect subscribers. However, DTH requires as much wire to connect the dish antenna outside the terrace or balcony to the set-up box kept inside the room. Thus, there is no more risk of dangling wires going hay way during stormy weather conditions with DTH.

How to explore TV plans in direct-to-home technology?

Now that you have chosen DTH services, you need to fulfill one more key task before continuing to keep yourself entertained. That is exploring the different TV plans so that you can choose your favorite channels. In most cases, you will be prompted by your DTH service provider to choose the right plan. So, when you register with a service provider, for example, Dish TV, the operator will guide you through to pick the right Dish TV plans for continued enjoyment. Dish TV is part of the Zee Group and has been in the satellite communication industry since 2003. Remember to choose a plan that offers:

  • A maximum number of channels.
  • Has a good mix of popular channels
  • Has a credible mix of news, movies, and general entertainment channels.

Dish TV, for example, has numerous interesting TV plans. Here are a few of these:

  • Dish TV Super Sports HSM has 231 channels with 56 popular channels and 231 SD channels. It is for Rs. 233 for a month.
  • Dish TV Hindi Premium has 189 channels, with 35 popular channels and 189 SD channels. The cost is Rs. 122 for a month.
  • Dish TV Super Family HSM HD contains 205 channels with 19 HD channels and 31 popular channels. It is for Rs. 216 for a month.

Similarly, there are multiple other plans in local languages offering customers enough choices. If you somehow miss exploring all the plans during signing in, you can use a third-party recharge app to browse more plans when you are recharging the monthly plan. Or, whenever you are free and have time to spare, you can go about browsing the plans online at the site of Dish TV or maybe the third-party app.

Is it the same with all other service providers, or is it exclusive for Dish TV only?

The story is the same with all service providers. So, if you are a subscriber of Sun TV, you can access the operator’s website or use a recharge app’s services to get more information about the various TV plans. Remember, however, to explore the plans before starting Sun Direct recharge.

With the help of such modern facilities, recharging or browsing TV plans is so easy, keeping viewers hooked on their favorite shows at all times!

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