Effective Team Bonding Strategies to Build a Stronger Sales and Marketing Team

Putting together a top-quality sales and marketing team can feel like building a professional sports team. Each member should be encouraged to strive for his or her best, but within the context both of the individual’s key roles and objectives and the goals of the team as a whole.

When sales and marketing professionals work together, the whole team benefits. Encourage your team to achieve higher-quality work by instituting these team-building tools:

Lunch Discussions and Team-Building Groups

Encourage sales and marketing staff to “put their heads together” during lunch by holding regular lunchtime discussions and team-building groups. Ask employees to contribute ideas for these meetings or even to lead them. Alternate between more structured team-building activities and looser, less-structured discussions to draw out the participants and encourage innovation as well as friendly competition.

Company-Sponsored Charity Events

Sales and marketing staff can put their formidable talents toward a common goal by playing key roles in a company-sponsored charity event. These events also improve the organization’s standing in the community and demonstrate its commitment to improving the lives of its neighbors. Ask employees for recommendations for charity events and encourage them to take on jobs like organizing and planning charity events.

Icebreakers at Meetings

Ice-breakers aren’t only for groups who are just getting to know one another. They’re also a valuable way for co-workers to learn more about one another’s tastes, preferences, and strengths – information that sales and marketing professionals can use to leverage one another’s talents and achieve common goals.

Like charity events and lunchtime get-togethers, alternate types of icebreakers to encourage employees to participate, keep interest high, and encourage employees to share information their co-workers may not know about them.

Quarterly Activity for Employees and Families

Four times a year, break out of the “daily grind” by holding a company-wide activity for employees and their families. Unlike icebreakers or lunchtime discussions, these activities should be family friendly and take workers’ minds off the workplace. Sports tournaments, picnics, and other activities allow employees and their families to connect without the pressure of meeting sales and marketing goals in front of them. This can also be the perfect opportunity to present corporate gifts to one another.

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