Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your Yard Sign Marketing Most Effective

It is possible to use custom yard signs as an effective tool for customer acquisition if you do it correctly. Many successful marketers make use of these signs for their advertising needs. They have identified that it has a good return on investment compared to many other low-budget marketing options. With sign marketing, you can take your outdoor advertising to the next level. There are endless possibilities with yard signs of various sizes, shapes, and designs to choose from. This article will discuss some handy tips and do’s and don’ts about effective yard sign marketing.

Single-sided is the best

You may find it difficult to find a spot where there is traffic on both sides to read your sign from both sides. So, it may be the best approach to print your sign on one side. It is best to have two signs with your message on a single side, so you do not force the passerby people to struggle reading it and give up ultimately.

Use of colors

This is an obvious consideration to make as you should use contrasting colors on the background and foreground to stand apart and easily readable.  Make sure that your message stands out as dark on light color or vice versa. Also, consider that some people may be color blind, so you may not want to put together blue-green or green-yellow together. Such combinations may be difficult to be distinguished.

Make it simple

Being simple is the most elegant way to marketing nowadays. For example, if it is a message or sales copy you want to share on the yard signs, and then make it a maximum of 5 words to be easily readable at a glance. If you want to put more info like address or other things, try to use some intersections. You can also use smart tips like using well-known abbreviations or by omitting the area code from your phone number if you are displaying the sign at a local area.

Using arrow marks

If you are advertising using yard signs at your store compound or an event, it will be easier for people if you give directions on how to get to different places. You can make it is easier by specifying the directions using arrows. A tip here is, if you print the arrows by pointing towards the same edge of the signs, you can easily manipulate the direction of it by simply flipping it around.

You can take measures like using appropriate text fonts and size to make it easier for reading and wise usage of your logo to save space and stand outr. Clarity of printing and the materials used for yard sign making are other major considerations to ensure the durability and appeal of your signs. Finally, know about the cost by coordinating with different providers, comparing their quotes, and identifying who gives you the most cost-effective and professional services in terms of yard sign making.

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