Dating in a Pandemic

Since the pandemic many things have changed in our day to day lives, and dating is no different. With the advent of social distancing, things have really become different in the world of both online and offline dating. Whereas before there seemed to be a lot more emphasis on the random hook ups and move on. It seems to have moved in the direction of talking at length and really getting to know people more before meeting. This has also led to a growth in more long-distance relationships too.

Here we look at five ideas for dates with no or very little contact.

Social Distanced Picnic – Depending on when you read this article, the rules may be slightly different. But meeting up for a socially distanced picnic can be a great way to meet up for a date. Here you get the chance to see each other in an outdoor environment and get the chance to use all your best chat up lines in the process.

The Netflix and Chill Date

A very clever idea from Netflix – is the Google Chrome add-on which allows you to have a “Netflix Party” and chat together on the side of the screen. Admittedly this is more for couples that have been together for a while but is always an option if you are stuck for a way to do something a bit different with your date.


Another one that has caught on during the pandemic is quizzes. This is a great way to bring people together and by joining up in a partnership with your date for an online zoom quiz can be a great laugh. Add in a few drinks, and it really can be quite exciting.

Concerts or DJ Sets

Now that basically all the music venues have shuttered, the whole movement has now completely moved online. This provides the perfect opportunity, if you share a love of music to watch some of your favourite musicians online. If theatre is more your thing, then the National Theatre is also streaming weekly, which also offers a great way to support some of the arts in this challenging time.

A Drinks Night

Another great option is to crack open a bottle of something nice and have an online drink together via your webcams. This is a great way to get to know each other in a relaxed environment, although if this is your first date, you would probably want to keep things quite low key.

Zoo or Museum

One of the great things about the current lockdown is some of the virtual tours that have been developed for people that can still get a chance to experience your favourite museum or zoo online. Although the experience is nowhere near the same as the real thing, it can still be a great idea for a date.

Stay tuned for part two, where we will look at five more great ideas for socially distanced dates.

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